The 5 Best Spots For 4Wding In Australia

Australia is an absolute paradise for four-wheel driving enthusiasts, with an incredible array of diverse and challenging landscapes to explore. No matter what part of the country you are in, you are sure to be close by some great 4WDing opportunities, so the only thing you need to do is get yourself geared up and then ask the locals where all the best spots are. The following are some spectacular spots around Australia where you are sure to be able to get your 4WD fix.
Stockton Beach. N.S.W.  
This magnificent area is known as the dune buggy and four-wheel driving capital of Australia, with the sand dunes here like something out of a 4WD dream. Only two hours from Sydney, this beautiful area is a great spot to let loose in your 4WD and with great camping spots all over this area, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better all round area to go on a four wheel driving adventure.
Flinders Ranges. S.A.
For just a little taste of the Outback, you can’t beat this incredible area two hours north of Adelaide, which is widely considered to be the gateway to the Outback. There is loads of great camping and even hotel accommodation at the Wilpena Pound Resort right in the heart of the Flinders, and you can definitely spend quite a lot of time exploring the amazing 4WD tracks out here. Be sure to have a good winch and “dyneema-ropes”  winch rope with you as the weather can change quickly here and when it gets wet it can get a little tricky to say the least.
Conondale Ranges. QLD
Located just behind the incredible Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this beautiful area is one of the best spots to go four-wheel driving in all of Australia. Part of the iconic Great Dividing Range, this area consists of some of Queenslands most impressive tropical rainforests and is sure to be just what you want from a great 4WD trip. There have been a few issues here recently with vandalism and littering, so do your part and make sure that you leave the area the way you found it, if not cleaner!
Litchfield National Park. N.T.
If your idea of a good time is doing lots of water crossings in your 4WD, this is the place for you. Relatively close to Darwin, Litchfield National Park offers a great taste of the Northern Territory, though be sure to go during the dry season, as otherwise you may find yourself in more trouble than even a good winch and a “dyneema-ropes”  can get you out of. A real highlight of this area is the Lost City, which can only be accessed by 4WD.
Victorian High Country. VIC
Including both the Alpine National Park and the Snowy River National Park, this historic area is a great place for all types of four-wheel driving. There is no shortage of spectacular views and the great camping options will have you relaxing in comfort at the end of a big day off road. If you are looking for somewhere to go four-wheel driving that is challenging, relaxing and stunningly beautiful, look no further than the Victorian High Country.

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