Avoiding Accidents While Four Wheel Driving

Getting out into the great outdoors in your 4WD is a great way to let off some steam and to have some fun with your mates, though make sure you are putting safety first so that you are avoiding having accidents along the way. Sometimes accidents are totally unavoidable, though there is often quite a bit you can do to increase the chances of everything going smoothly. The following are some of the great ways that you can be doing your best to avoid having accidents while you are four wheel driving.
Get A Winch That Fits
Lots of people like the idea of having a massive and powerful winch so they can get out of any trouble they get into, though having a winch that is too big can make it more difficult for your 4WD to handle on the road. The important part about having a winch is making sure it is size appropriate, so as long as you have a good “dyneema-ropes”  winch rope like a “dyneema-ropes”  , you are actually better off without an excessively large winch.
Have Inner Tubes In Your Tyres
Some experts believe that having inner tubes in your tyres can help prevent a roll over if you are driving on sand, as it prevents the wheel from just automatically filling up with sand and rolling the vehicle if you have a puncture. So consider this option if your next trip is going to be a sandy one.
Get Some Training
There are some excellent and relatively inexpensive off road driver training courses that will do wonders for your four wheel driving skills, so if you want to totally minimise your chances of having an accident, you had better sign up. The skills you will acquire will help you with any and all of your driving, and will ensure that you aren’t making classic amateur mistakes when you are out on your 4WD trips.
Don’t Drink and Drive
This should go without saying though there are still a ridiculous amount of drink driving related accidents involving people in four wheel drive vehicles every year. It is hard enough navigating your way through uneven terrain and over rough surfaces without trying to do it impaired, so don’t be an idiot, and be sure to leave the drinking for when the driving is done.
Check Conditions Ahead Of Time

You can avoid having accidents by checking conditions before you head off on your adventure and therefore avoiding getting stuck in a situation you weren’t expecting. Some areas just aren’t worth going to if the conditions aren’t favourable, so give yourself the best chance of having a great trip and of avoiding accidents by finding out what you are getting into before you go.
Get Good Lights
A good set of roo lights will go a long way to helping prevent unnecessary accidents as well as collisions with wildlife. You really aren’t ready to go off road until you’ve got your lighting set up, so for safety’s sake, make sure that you can see all of the obstacles that you are going to need to deal with.

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