Must Have Equipment For 4Wd Enthusiasts

If you have just bought yourself a 4WD and are looking to do it up a bit, don’t worry there is an endless amount of ways to be making improvements and upgrades to a 4WD. A lot of the essentials will generally come with the vehicle when you buy it, though if you want to be making the most of your 4WD, get yourself some great extra equipment and have yourself ready for absolutely anything. The following are just some of the great gear you can add to your 4WD to have it be virtually unstoppable.
A Winch
Getting out into the bush can be an extremely liberating experience knowing that you don’t have to deal with anyone or anything, though it also means that you are essentially on your own when it comes to getting help. Having your own winch will enable you to extricate yourself from a tight spot and be able to continue on with your adventures without much fuss. Be sure to invest in a good quality  “dyneema-ropes”   winch rope   like a   “dyneema-ropes”,  and your winch and rope will last you quite a long time.
Roo Lights
There is nothing quite as fun as night 4WDing, though you had better be able to see where you are going. In Australia there is a very real threat of hitting a kangaroo or even a wombat if you are driving around at night, so get some high-powered roo lights and save yourself and the wildlife a bit of pain and hassle.
A Satellite Phone
If you are going to be out in the middle of nowhere on adventures and want to be able to keep in touch with your partner or your family, your best chance of having any reception out there is going to be with a satellite phone. These great items aren’t cheap but can have you able to keep in touch as well as be out on an adventure at the same time.
A Rooftop Tent
Every Australian knows that going bush means being out in the territory of some dangerous animals, such as snakes, spiders and crocodiles. Give yourself a bit of peace of mind out in the bush by being able to set up your tent off the ground. This will be great when camping in boggy conditions as well as keep unwanted visitors from setting up their home in your tent.
Portable Cooking Gear
You are definitely going to want to do some overnight trips in your 4WD, so make sure you aren’t just eating sandwiches and get yourself some lightweight, portable cooking gear. You can cook some amazing food on a small gas stove or barbeque, so step things up a level and be cooking tasty food at the end of your epic day of 4WDing.
It can be easy to get lost when you are somewhere without roads or street signs, so make sure that you have a way of finding your way home by getting a GPS in your 4WD. It’s a good idea to have a decent map book for back up, though a good GPS can usually do the trick for you, of course you may need to buy the programs relating to the areas you are travelling to.

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