How To Choose The Right Winch To Suit Your 4Wd

There is nothing better than being out and about exploring in your 4WD, though it’s a good idea to be prepared with some type of recovery system should you ever need to extricate yourself or a friend from a fix. Having your own winch on your 4WD will make it so that you can take on a few more challenging routes knowing that you should be able to get your self out of there. There are a lot of winches on the market for all kinds of 4WDing, so make sure that you are getting the right winch to suit your needs. There is a big difference between winches, so be sure to consider the following points when you are picking out a winch for your 4WD.

Winch Capacity
 Apart from ensuring you have a good quality “dyneema-ropes”  winch rope   like a   “dyneema-ropes”,
.  , the capacity of your winch is what’s most important. The winch capacity is based on the first layer of cable on the drum, and you pretty much just need a winch that can handle a weight one and a half times the gross weight of your 4WD and it’s load. There are charts available online where you can look up the weight of your 4WD so picking the right capacity is easy.

Power Versus Weight
Most people assume that the biggest winch is the best because they figure that you’ll be able to pull anything out of anywhere, and though it’s good to have a bit of power, going overboard is not a good idea. Your winch is most likely going to be sitting on the front of your bull bar, so a big disadvantage of getting a winch that is too big is that it will adversely affect the steering and handling of your 4WD. A winch that is too big can also cause you problems with your battery, as unless you have a pretty large item under the hood, a large winch can very easily have you pulling yourself out of a jam only to have no juice left in your battery to continue on with.

Portable Winches

  A great option if you are with a travelling with a group of strong people and have a bit of time on your hands, is to just bring a portable hand winch along with you. It will certainly be a lot more effort getting anything out of a jam, though you won’t need to have a huge winch attached to the front of your vehicle and can instead just stow the winch in back. Being able to store the winch in the back will make handling of your 4WD far better and you will also need to do less winch maintenance, as your winch won’t be constantly exposed to the elements. A final benefit of a portable hand winch is that you can lend it to friends when they are heading off on adventures that you can’t make it on.
 Having a winch is a great idea as when you think about it, there are lots of times when you could find yourself in a spot that you need a bit of extra power to get out of. So be prepared, get a winch, and make sure you get the one that best suits you, so that you are simply adding a feature to your well rounded vehicle rather than making your 4WD the support vehicle.

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