Take a Vacation to Beautiful Tahiti

Vacations to Tahiti are fabulous and if you happen to be there in July be sure to go to the Heiva festival.  This festival has been the most important event in Tahiti for over 120 years.  The festival is a display of Polynesian festivity.  The Tahitians will gather in Papeete from many of the other islands to display their crafts, compete in ancient sporting events and recreate traditional and elaborate dance performances.

In Polynesian cultures, tattoos are considered signs of beauty.  Tattoos originated in Polynesia.  The beauty, drama and power of Tahitian dance demonstrate the Polynesian culture of ancient times.  They would dance when they were happy, to welcome a visitor, to pray to a god, to challenge and enemy and to seduce a mate.  Dancing is still done to traditional musical instruments.  They still use the thunderous drums, conch shells and harmonic nasal flutes.  Their music is very enjoyable and it often blends Polynesian rhythm and Western melody.

They still practice the crafts passed down by their ancestors. The ancient traditions show in their weaving, quilting, wooden sculptures and bowls.  It also shows in their drums, tapa carvings and hand dyed pareu.

Years before the Europeans started exploring the Polynesians had already mastered the Pacific Ocean.  They used huge double-hulled outrigger canoes.  Their canoes were called tipairuas.  They used the stars and wind to navigate and they still use the canoes in races and festivals to this day.

There are tropical flowers everywhere on the islands.  Hibiscuses are everywhere and are worn behind their ear.  They use the Tiare Tahiti flower to make leis that are used to greet visitors.

Polynesia is French and in 1978, French Polynesia became an overseas country with many self-governing powers of its own.  They now have their own Assembly and President.  They are active in foreign commerce and investment.

Tahiti is a great place to go for a vacation, as there is so much to see and experience.  When you are there, you can visit the Marche Municipale.  Here you will find fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, handcrafts that natives display and sell at the big tin pavilion.  This is Papeete’s public market and everyone is welcome.

When vendors sell at this market, there are rules they must follow when it comes to what they can sell.  The Tahitians are allowed to sell fruits and vegetables like taro and breadfruit.  The /Chinese vendors are allowed to sell Chinese and European vegetables.  The Chinese and Europeans are also the butchers and bakers.

You will also be entertained by a Tahitian string band, which plays during lunch at the snack bar.

If you do not enjoy going diving or snorkeling, you can go to Lagoonarium de Tahiti.  Here you can go to a viewing room that is underwater.  Pens that contain reef sharks, sea turtles and beautiful tropical fish surround the viewing room located in the Captain Bligh Restaurant and bar.  You can also get a beautiful view of Moorea from here.

You can visit Arahurahu, which is the only ancient temple that has been completely restored in Tahiti.  There are stone pens near the entrance that were used to keep the pigs in before they were sacrificed to the gods.  They still use Arahurahu for re-enactment of old Polynesian ceremonies during the Heiva Nui celebrations. 

You can also visit Point Venus.  You can also take in the Museum of Tahiti where you will find may exhibits that show traditional weaving, tapa-cloth making, early tools, body ornaments, tattooing and many other things.  You will find that many of the display legends are in English which is very helpful.

If you are vacationing in Tahiti’s you will not want to leave.

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