Live Without Breathing in 15 to 30 Minutes in This Particles Invent With Scientists

The Scientists invent particles that will let you live without breathing. The great medical breakthroughs in current years, and one that can be save thousands of people around the world lives every year.

The invention, build by a group at Boston Children’s Hospital, will authorize medical teams to always keep patients alive and good for 15 minutes to 30 minutes beyond major respiratory failure. This is sufficient time for doctors to act without in danger heart attack.

The answer has been tested on animals under hazardous lung failure. When the doctors injected this liquid into the patient’s vein, the oxygen will back to their blood to near-normal levels,that let them those essential extra additional minutes of life.

Particles of fat and oxygen

The particles are build by oxygen gas pocketed in a layer of lipids, an involuntary molecule that commonly stores energy or serves as a part to cell membranes. Lipids can be waxes, some vitamins, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, phospholipids, or—as in this case—fats.

These fatty oxygen particles are about 2 to 4 micrometers in size.They are suspended in a liquid solution that can be quickly carried and used by paramedics, emergency crews and intensive care personnel. This seemingly magic elixir carries “three to four times the oxygen content of our own red blood cells.”

Desame solutions that are not successful in the past because they caused gas embolism, rather than oxygenating the cells. In agreement with John Kheir, MD at the Department of Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital, they solved the problem by using deformable particles, rather than bubbles:

Kheir had the concept of an injected oxygen solution started when he had to treat a small girl in 2006. As a result of a lung hemorrhage caused by pneumonia, the girl sustained severe brain injuries that, ultimately, result to her death before the medical team could place her in a heart-lung machine.

Soon after, Kheir assembled a team of chemical engineers, particle scientists, and medical doctors who figure on this concept, that had promising results from the very beginning:

More information about Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing by Jesus Diaz through this link.

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