How Toward Purchase a Wireless Spy Camera

1) There are a color spy cameras or black and white.

Wireless Spy Camera color in a specific area of ​​different things, but look better, but can be a bit more expensive. Some high-resolution images and their color is usually black and white models are a bit cheaper and cheaper.

2) Sensitivity to low light.

Is measured in lux. Reduce the number the better the camera sees in low light conditions. A spy camera sees in low light with a unit with a 0.05 lux. For operation height of 0.03 lux dark secret.

3) The image quality.

Resolution is measured in lines. The higher the number, the better the image quality. 380 lines of resolution is usually good enough for professional private investigators.

4)  Receiver?

Receiver wireless spy camera is what you see in the picture and sound to your TV; connect to a VCD or DVD. If cameras reception costs, costs were included as part of the application and see how fit your budget, you will be one more change.

5) Version is used for transmission.

This spy camera frequency wireless receiver uses a video signal is transmitted. 434MHz, transmission frequencies of 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz. The best spy cameras and 2.4 GHz is sufficient for all covert surveillance operation.

Due to interference, you should stay away from 434MHz and 900MHz models. 1.2GHz and 2.4GHz are good choices.

6) Broadcasting sector

Look at the line, resist the maximum distance between the receiver and remove spy cam is still a standard measurement signals can interfere with a barrier between the two. Generally 300 feet and 2000 feet, depending on the model range. Wireless spy camera serial number and the site area is clear of the line was a wall of obstacles.

7) Alone or in hidden camera

You with a mini wireless spy cameras and wireless pole is hidden in a box or flower pot, and there is a mini wireless camera, wireless hidden spy camera that they can call. These cameras are common, everyday objects that we and our environment, smoke detectors, lights do every day, teddy bears, air fresheners, and many other items such as mirrors, are placed in the scene. Depending on your application, you want to get a wireless spy camera hidden and you can be together. Hidden cameras, spy cameras, but you still stand alone in your home or place of business is more convenient and easy to use as a receiver.

Warning: This figure may be misleading. The intervention and can work with you to some degree of obstruction, so that the effective area of ​​the chain of transmission of real-world examples will never accept. Ask the store for a more realistic figure.

So now you now have a number of covert operations, secret knowledge to buy wireless spy camera quality on your own needs, so please keep in mind when choosing one of these seven factors base. There is evidence that you would like more of a cheating husband, nanny or abuse of employees and thieves will be a difference between home decorations! 

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