Exploring The True Beauty of Stonehaven

On the north eastern coast of the United Kingdom, lies the charming harbour town of Stonehaven – Aberdeenshire. Home to breathtaking ruins and monuments, interesting golf courses and extraordinary festivals, this metropolis of over 9,000 residents is an wonderful place for a short visit or a longer stay.

About 3 km (2 miles) south of Stonehaven the ruins of Dunnottar Castle sustain watch over the town. This particularly old fortress played an essential role in activities throughout Scotland’s history with its unique spot and huge 3 acre layout. The remarkable cliffs that surround Dunnottar are sure to take your breath away and leave you in awe. Join the visitors that flock from around the nation to view the fascinating site in winter and summer.

Located on Black Hill around Dunnottar Castle, the Stonehaven War Memorial stands like a beacon of welcome to the small town. Many residents and tourists enjoy the walk from Stonehaven’s harbour to the Memorial. Constructed originally to remember the fallen in World War I, this classic spherical monument is impressive to see.

In Stonehaven – Aberdeenshire you can easily golf with breathtaking views of the North Sea at your side and imposing cliffs surrounding you. The Stonehaven Golf Course is short, yet challenging with lush fairways and well kept greens. Appreciate your passion on one of the finest courses in the United Kingdom.

Every year at midnight on December 31st, large crowds of people assemble to celebrate Hogmanay with a bang. The Stonehaven Fireball Festival is a sight to behold as a parade of forty to fifty men and woman, waving fireballs walk from the harbour up and down the High Street. The flaming fireballs are then thrown with gusto into the sea and the exciting spectacle is followed by an impressive fireworks display. It’s a highlight of the festive celebrations and one of the few cultural events of its kind in Britain.

An Open Air in the Square Festival is being organized also for 2012 with the popular Red Hot Chilli Pipers, the main attraction.

Whether you are visiting for the coastal scenery, the infamous sophistication, to swing a golf club or visit the Festivals, a trip to Stonehaven – Aberdeenshire is unforgetable. Come and stay, this community is gorgeous and welcoming to all.

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