How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

In your life you might want a girl that is different than others. And you might want to talk to her about more personal things, but you are afraid of getting rejected by doing so. For such situations read the following ways to get her number in a cordial manner.

Get her phone number this way…

1.First become a friend : She has to know and trust you that you won’t give her phone number to every other person once you get it from her. Any girl would give her phone number to you only when she trusts you. It is possible that you might have to try hard to get her phone number or it might take some time. If you keep your ego at bay and do not show desperation then the task will be easier for you.

2. Don’t be a despo: Girls never like despo men. The guys who keep on wandering about any other girl are a big No-No for any girl. If you like a girl then don’t over-express it. Otherwise she will go away from you without any reason and will never give you her phone number. Don’t hurry up in asking her phone number.

3. Don’t lie: Never take her phone number by lying to her by the pretext of befriending her. Girls usually catch such lies very well. This is an old trick used by the guys which is still used. But it no longer works.

4. Ask her directly not to her friends: Always keep it in mind that you should ask her phone number only from her. It is never good to involve a third party. If you do this then you will return like a loser. She will think that you can’t ask her number on your own then how would the friendship happen.

5. Don’t embarrass her:You don’t need only her phone number to initiate the conversation. If she doesn’t want to give her number or she wants some time to give it, then don’t embarrass her. There is a chance that she might give some silly pretext which you might think as trivial. So instead of feeling angry over this issue, read the first point and use it.

6. Always be ready for the questions like why? : There is this universal thing about girls, she will ask: “Why do you want my phone number?” you have to face such questions. But instead of getting upset over such questions, be creative. You need to be ready with another question which would help you out in such situations. Girls love it when guys come behind them, but they appreciate it much if the guys are genuinely interested in them.

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