Summer Poems


Up from under the snow you are the first to greet me in the spring.

With your bright array of colors I anticipate the joy & warmth you bring.

After Old Man Winter’s colors of silver, white and gray,

your multicolored little faces smile to brighten my way.

So delicate and fragile you appear to me.

Yet the cold does not hold you in captivity.

You flourish all through summer and well into the fall.

Each day I see new patterns and you keep me in awe.

You are such a great reminder of one of God’s magnificent hidden treasures

as He bestows His love upon us from the tiniest flower to the smallest of creatures.

Fourth of July Love Poem

We met on the Fourth of July!

Our passion burned hot like a firefly!

It was more than I could handle.

Your voice was so handsome and gentle.

Your passionate kisses felt like wildfire

mending my broken heart and filling me with desire

I came to life in your arms

as you awakened me with your charms!

We laughed, sang and talked for hours unending!

You were never critical, rude or condescending.

I cried when you told me about your childhood.

I felt your pain so intensely and truly understood.

My heart fluttered when you picked me up!

You made me feel like a dainty China cup!

In your strong arms you held me so closely.

Chills went down my spine as you carried me!

Sadly, we were separated for months by geography!

I cried every time you said goodbye so tenderly.

The way you popped in and out of my life

filled me with uneasiness, heartache and strife.

Our Fourth of July love started out like fireworks

yet, ended with a fizzle.

Such intensity without commitment I couldn’t comprehend.

Sadly our July Fourth love came abruptly to an end.

The Joys of Summer

Oh the joys of another magnificent summertime!

Folks playing outdoors feeling quite sublime!

Bears rise up from a long winter’s slumber!

Searching for salmon to feed their hunger!

Folks enjoy pop cycles and ice cream!

As they step out from winter’s dream!

Children swimming and running all around!

Water glistening in the air and on the ground!

Happy puppies join in the fun!

Getting hugs from everyone!

Camping, fishing and swimming in the lake!

Such joy abounds as our hearts awake!

Soft cool breezes and the thrill of star lit nights!

Daddies diligently building their children’s kites!

Yet, we must always with thankfulness keep in mind!

God, our creator, rewards us with summer time after time!

© Author Judy (Montelauro) Harrell

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