The Greatest Seats to Stay in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

Mother of the Arenal Volcano area attractions of Costa Rica. San Jose, La Fortuna in the city, a majestic volcano 1633 meters for 3 hours is the most active in the world. Despite its constant activity, the volcano tour so long as you stay within the security perimeter is secure. Space to take advantage of a natural environment! Riding Fishing,, go, take a canopy, rafting or experience a tremendous canyon expedition. Ease up on credit, the famous Tabacon and Baldi Hot Springs would like to set up, make sure to visit.

La Fortuna and its surroundings

Typically La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano La Fortuna de San Carlos in the city as a gateway to fantastic easily known. Costa Rica, is a charming and quiet town, La Fortuna capital, San Jose, and is easily accessible from the Arenal Volcano panoramic view of the mother is most active. Arenal Volcano, 10 km and around the city for some time now regular meetings in the top rating in the country spewing smoke and ash is a tourist attraction and is truly a sight to behold.

Recent years in particular, La Fortuna has become a bustling city. However, hotel accommodations, food and resorts for every budget here. Wonderful hotel at a time, a volcano, La Fortuna around the spa is a must essayer.En addition, volcanoes, cities and other Catarata of La Fortuna, Tabacon Hot Springs, rafting, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, as tourist attractions, fishing, horseback riding, Canopy Tours and Tours Cao boat blacks are simply many activities you can enjoy here.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a small village located near the entrance of the most popular in the small community of Monteverde is associated. Monteverde Costa Rica, 1950 Quaker community that migrated to North America from the mother. City, which is actually Santa Elena, you have banks, pharmacies, local hospital, library, gas station, ATM machine, police station, post office, supermarkets, internet cafes, restaurants

As the weather quite cold and foggy, the village is due to the high mountain range of Tilaran, you bring heavy clothing and a light jacket may be hot. Here, the delicious local cheeses, try not to remember that treatment. If you are a bird watcher, this village offers some lovely bird watching opportunities, even if you do not have the cloud forest. However, if you prefer to speak more tourism, local craft centers, the Women’s Support Centre, Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden City to visit the gallery.

Dominical beach

An island rich in flora and astonishing biodiversity and wildlife water, incredibly beautiful Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is a mother, a small village of Dominical surfer paradise where waves can reach over 10 feet high. Luscious combination of wide golden beaches and beautiful mountains of the coast.

4 km long beach strip of the Lord Jesus Christ, a few hotels, lodges and resorts and restaurants in the region. Canoe while swimming with the strong swells and rip recruit, a coastal area, with few opportunities for diving or snorkeling is impossible, or you can enjoy. Nauyaca falls closest to the tourist or the Marino Ballena National Park to visit the marine mammals such as horses, turtles and whales of the season to come home to a nest can be arranged. If you prefer, you can spend a day just lovely Cao Island coast. The insular world of marine life and home to an impressive array of water is the best diving adventure.


Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica is the mother of the areas most biologically diverse wildlife. Characteristics of most of the country green landscape, the area of ​​the green sea turtle nesting of 26,156 hectare park was created with the primary objective of conservation. 5000 to 6000 millimeters of rain each year, Tortuguero is a very humid tropical forest zone is. Over 400 species of trees, other plants, 2200 species and over 400 birds, 60 amphibians and 30 species of freshwater fish, weather conditions, and tapirs, monkeys, ocelots, jaguars, manatees and around including many endangered species, is optimized for the lazy. Tortuguero beautiful picturesque canals, lagoons and rivers by canoe or boat or kayak can be characterized. The green turtle, other than the mother of three sea turtles nest on the beaches of the species in the park.


Malpais Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, is located on the southern tip. Hawaii is also known as Latin America, there are several beaches for swimming, diving or snorkeling are the main attraction of it for surfing and has a unique mode of virgin tropical nature. Horseback riding, sportfishing, canopy tours, scuba, and nature tours to some of the other popular activities. Culture Malpais heavy surf and relaxed atmosphere mundane or maintain any type of tourism that the community is unlike any other in Costa Rica Costa Rica famous.

Luxury resort and camping activities for a wide range of food to be promoted to a variety of places Malpais. Not the most attractive location to relax and enjoy the golden rays Pacific Sunset doubt.

Turrialba Valley

Mother of rural Costa Rica with a spectacular view of the countryside, Turrialba Cartago province, a charming little town is a valley lush and beautiful Central. Rafting hotspot and base camp, this town 53 kilometers east of the capital, San José to go and is excellent for Guayabo National Monument is located, or visited, but rarely pre-Columbian his visit to Turrialba ruins of the beautiful Parque Nacional Volcan. A quiet and charming street corners and gorgeous surrounding the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica with direct access to contrast some places in the middle of the city landscape. Volcano’s summit on a clear day you can see and vegetable gardener Irazú in the distance, and Agricultural Research and Development (CATIE), which is located 5km road volcanoes Barva a trip to Centre (3 miles) Siquirres may want be payable on the south of Turrialba. Features the world’s leading center for research in tropical agriculture

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