Top 10 (Bombay), Mumbai, India to Observe Equipment

But when you add in the suburbs, go to a couple of 19 million. A hotel room upscale, so book well in advance to make sure that you want to go or you may not be able to get a room. Do not try to drive yourself. What is a driver who knows how you navigate through the rapid acceleration of the vehicle for a full parking lot.

1. Gateway of India

This step, where the King George V landed in India. This beautiful monument is composed of people in Mumbai. Gandhi returned to South Africa and back through the arch.

2. Black market

Literal translation market, black market, if you like antiques, this place is for you. “The neighbors, or antique shops, but nothing different in the streets. You will find that treasure you’ve been looking for years, and a grand prize.

3. Bhau Daji Ladd Museum

This is a collection beautifully restored large and beautiful decoration of art museum exhibitions. Museum may be the best in Mumbai. Visit the museum to see the benefits.

4. Haji Ali Mosque

An unforgettable sunset, you sit on the jetty in the Arabian sea and the sky can be seen silhouetted against the beautiful mosque. Muslim saint Haji Ali mosque houses the remains of a beautiful white is respected.

5. Cowpatty Beach

You people, food shops and tantalizing Indian cuisine that is available to watch here for the excitement. This is the place for a romantic walk on girls and boys track meet. But there is a wheel motor. Youth climbing on wheels, on wheels run by men are turning to advance to the next level.

6. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum

Mahatma Gandhi lived in the building where the two varieties. It is now a center of museum, library and research. Gandhi’s life and the peaceful struggle for independence of India was on the spot. This is a very important site.

7. Flora Fountain

Martyrs Square for Mother and the most ornate and spectacular fountain in the heart of the business district of Mumbai.

8. Chhatrapati Shivaji

Gothic architecture and stained glass, the railway station in India is one the most beautiful masterpiece. Towering spiers, arches and buttresses, and animals are the pillars of the dome, the carved images.

8. Mahatmy Jyotiba Phule Market

Crawford Market and the local population, the market is a must. This is a Victorian building that looks like something good is housed in London. Some stores around the world and vegetables, pickles, chocolate, toothpaste, meat products and the device becomes more stalls selling. This is the place you want to see.

9. Jehangir Art Gallery

Art gallery of past and present. The artist, an art gallery that you want to work on your reputation, because they have.

10. Esselworld

Mumbai is the answer to an amusement park and water park just combined. City and place to rest a few hours or a day to get. 

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