Free of Charge Exist Cricket Scores on Your Mobile Phone!

Statistics keen cricket fan, the State may add a new dimension to the requirements of their knowledge. 

Live Cricket as your favorite player made by a team goal as well as fans, you know all about the individual goals are. Cricket IPL cricket match live score is a source of excitement for the fans as it is on the cricket field or live TV, even if the action is absent.

People, their mobile phone, TV or computer screen as they do not match for disposal throughout the game on the information.

Many operators are used for this event via SMS revenues by sending a live score, but these methods are costly and a minimum of information to the user.

In all, people with low price and most are trying to find ways to get information. I found something new. I have many programs that live dashboards, and provide other information, but not approach the quality of Cricket Companion is able to try.

Cricket is a mate many new and surprising. It’s basically a free Java-based mobile application that updates on our live cricket score Java mobile phone to use GPRS, but it just does not stop there. Cricket Live offers the same, but the graphs, dashboards, complete in January next year, as richer than the previous results and provide information.

Since it is Java based, is not a compatibility issue. On all types of mobile phones almost universally applied to all parts of the world makes it enjoyable. Secondly, GPRS technology, it is cheaper. Compressed data allows faster updates, remains to minimize GPRS costs. The Speed ​​version, and I know that the cost of SMS updates.

Test, ODI and Twenty20 formats, including characteristics of the live coverage of all international cricket matches. It is bordered to update and alerts (4, 6) events, b, milestones (50 100), rain delay game, break water, innings break, etc live. Provide information on demand is. Community and a great chance to win prizes and quizzes allow opinion within the collection. Finally Ad Server allows advertisers to place ads in every match.

But Cricket Companion “is still room for improvement. Better international and regional games, text messages and news on a new layer to improve their performance and quality of live commentary and community members.

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