What is 3G?

Cell phones, two way radio, which was also called mobile platforms, since life began. This minicabs, police cars and ambulances is installed in such vehicles, but the phone as usual are not mobile phone networks were not strictly connected. The first mobile phones, vehicles, transportable later versions of the bag and the phone is permanently installed, and either a portable or mobile two-way radios can also be used.

1G The first generation is often referred to as mobile phones. These mobile phones, devices that conform to the eighties and 2G mobile telephony, which has been replaced by digital networks were introduced in is complete. In fact, even if the 1G and 2G systems use digital signals to the rest of the telephone network, a voice calls digitally encoded signal for a 2G phone is not in itself a 1G phone to connect to the radio tower said.

The second generation, also known as 2, mobile phones were introduced in the sixties. Digital systems of transmission of 2G phones, and advanced and fast phone to network signaling was characterized by the introduction of their use.

2G products in the hands of less than 1 G, which had to move to a more mobile friendly phone call was born. Changes and technological developments including more advanced batteries and electronics, energy saving is possible.

Second generation mobile telephones had severaladvantages Articles 1G. These text messages, what is possible on GSM networks initially and eventually became an all-digital network. The machine – a message that was sent to Britain in 1991. The last person to person SMS text messages were sent in Finland in 1993. SMS text messaging is the preferred method of communication to the public soon be able to send text messages to placing voice calls made.

Third generation 3G mobile phone standards and technology applied to speech. Follow 2G 3G mobile phone technology.

3 – G-Technology was born on the Vodafone network operators now more advanced users and allow a wider range of services include video calls and wireless Internet.

Although 3G was successfully worldwide, issues of 3 – G. expensive phone providers and users, including raised by. In addition, there are many differences in terms of the license.

3G mobile phone technology has never started. We talk about 4g. 4G technology means mobile phones, phones the most sophisticated and best services of the future is not yet built.

Finally, the last years, the mobile phone is a long way, but it shows they still have to go.

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