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Dejungleation is the process of converting jungle land into non-jungle sites that are ideal for crop raising, urbanization and industrialization.

Dejungleation is a serious concept and it has serious effects on the surroundings. The looming consequences, such as loss of various forms of life that inhabit the planet, destruction of jungle-based-societies and climatic disruption are eminent dangers which all of us need to acknowledge.

What drives humans to deplete this precious ecosystem? The causes of rapid dejungleation are many and often interconnected. The unprecedented increase in human population during recent years has brought excessive land under agriculture, housing, roads etc, and increased biotic pressure on native jungles.

The uncontrolled felling and lopping of trees for firewood and leaf fodder, firing of ground vegetation for domestication of animals, livestock grazing and harvesting of ground vegetation for forage are some of the factors responsible for the exploitation of jungles and emergence of disturbed jungles.

Why should anyone care if some plants, animals, mushrooms, and microorganisms perish? Continuous efforts are being made by some anxious animal lovers to protect the endangered species of wildlife as well as those that are on the verge of extinction and thus save the world from running out of its green heritage.

To promote wildlife and nature awareness among people, the Indian government has started various projects and programs. These projects not only help preserve our natural heritage, but encourage eco-tourism as well.

Wildlife is important for four main reasons:

a) Animals help in balancing our ecosystem, food chain and acts as a food for us. So, it is really a shame for us to destroy their habitat.

b) By their unique way of existence, wild creatures enhance the natural beauty of the earth.

c) The financial value of wild species is important to the economies of several nations, as it provides many valuable substances like wood and other plant products, fibers, meat and other foods, and skins and furs.

d) Wildlife helps in maintaining the balanced living system of earth, which consequently ensures survival of life.

Dejungleation should be ceased as over the longer term, dejungleation can have a broader impact, affecting global climate and biodiversity. These changes are more difficult to observe and forecast from local effects, since they take place over a longer time scale and can be difficult to measure.

The increase in the administrative periphery of the Urban Improvement Trust is leaving a narrow space for the Forest (Jungle) Department to Work whereas the Forest (Jungle) department is working hand in hand with the rural tribes to save the jungle as well as the illegal smuggling of the jungle produce.

Developing and conserving the bio-diversity and heritage of the jungle is possible by developing Eco-Tourism, keeping in mind that tourism is the economic driver of our CITY OF HAPPINESS AND JOY.

Urbanization is leading to a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Development is a must, but keeping in mind that it needs to be SUSTAIBNABLE DEVELOPMENT for our generations to be healthy and HUMAN.

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