Sleepless in Singapore

“We believe in creating memories you do not remember” – Celeste Chong, Butter Factory

Come sundown, the spectacle we know as Singapore morphs into one pulsating organism. Known for its clinically arranged business hubs, spick and span housing units and a million looming skyscrapers, Singapore transforms itself from an oriental outpost of cultured living to one where the expats and the locals alike let their hair down and revel in the riveting nightlife that this exuberant speck has to offer! In a land where everybody and his brother is a self-proclaimed foodie, makan in Singapore is so huge it is mindboggling! But, nightlife is gunning for first. Teeming with chic and elegant restaurants, ultra-cool pubs and groovy nightclubs, Singapore by night is so exhilarating and unnerving, it is sure to numb your mind. Then blow it away.

Start the evening at the heart of this island state in the Central Business District (CBD) and sip on a classy cocktail or chug an ice-cold Tiger at Harry’s in Raffles Quay as you kick your shoes off and relax after a hard day’s slog! Or choose to dive in headlong into the elegant vibe of Balaclava! With high ceilings, plush sofas and massive screens, this East-European-styled resto-pub is extremely popular with the after-work crowds and expats! Chase that down with a hop over to CHIJMES, a four acre estate that houses elegant restaurants with delectable gourmet fare, trendy pubs that play host to many a private cocktail parties and event launches and invigorating, tranquil spas to soothe your nerve-shot souls! With a charming backdrop of the Gothic Chapel with its stained glass windows, sunken courtyards and shimmering lights, the ambience is perfect for celebration! Do not forget to take a trip to Holland Village for a number of bars, cozy cafes and lounges, some that are open 24 hours and feature live entertainment. Typically Bohemian, this gem attracts huge crowds and is considered the Entertainment Mecca of Singapore that’ll just want you keep going on. And on.

Boat Quay is great for some great fine dining on the riverfront and for dancing away the blues at any of the umpteen nightclubs that call it home! Prepare to have a jolly good time amidst the ear-deafening music and the louder lights all night long! Check out other popular spots at Boat Quay such as ‘Jazz @ Southbridge’, ‘Molly Malone’s’, ‘The Penny Black’ and ‘Archipelago Brewery’ for a one-of-a-kind experience! In the painfully restored facades of Mohammed Sultan Street lies the core of the clubbing scene in Singapore. With innumerable clubs and bars mushrooming at the blink of an eye, discover the true meaning of ecstasy at any of the haunts with their soothing lighting, funky décor, hippest numbers and avant-garde crowds!

Consider your mission accomplished when you head out to the famous Robertson Quay lined with an eclectic mix of charming, quaint cafes, laidback art houses and upscale nightclubs that have put Singapore on the party goers’ map! Named after the eminent councilor, Dr. J Murray Robertson, this once muddy swamp has gloriously transformed into myriad kaleidoscope of entertainment establishments. Since these exist in clusters, pub hopping is quite easy here! Requiring a special mention is Zouk, on Jiak Kim Street featuring a completely remodeled building (costing well over SGD7mn!), an exhaustive wine cellar, a gargantuan sound system, new bars and sprawling dance floors! One of the best places to pull in an all-nighter (and I don’t mean work!)

P.S. Salvage the remnants of your brains as wake up groggily the next morning (or evening, as the case may be) and that is when realization dawns: Singapore never sleeps.

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