Just Friends? Secrets to Get Past The Friend Zone

Your ex has just come to you and said that it is better that you are just friends, how do you try and make it more? The challenges that appear from still being in love with your ex but being in the “just friend’s” mode can add more strain to having more. Under the situation you continue to wonder what you are doing which makes the circumstancesutterly frustrating. Wanting more out of the relationship is completely natural but if you leave the relationship in the friend zone for too long you can feel trapped. Accepting your position in the friendship, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to move into a relationship again are the intentions of this article.

Be aware of the role you play as being a friend with your ex will shed light on how to get your ex back. Are you the friend that they never  call or talk to since the breakup? If you are playing this role in the relationship than that is just their way of easing the pain of the breakup and they aren’t interested in friendship. Possibly your ex does talk with you on occasion it is enjoyable with progress being made but not much. Being friends in this situation is not all that you completely want but there is some benefit to it.

See your friendship as an opportunity  to still be in contact with your ex but keeping the relationship on a probationary basis. Throughout this trial period it is necessary that you begin making changes or else your ex will make sure that staying just friends or worse ending things with you is the right thing to do. In any case if you are in contact or not you must realize why the relationship ended. By remaining in continuous communication you secure your position to get through this comfort zone of friends intended to keep both of you happy, it is after all short-term.

The vital factor in developing the relationship into more than friends is to create attraction, emotional connection, and sexual tension. Attraction is the fundamental difference between friendship and a relationship. In the beginning of the relationship with your ex you were doing the best you could to look good and impress them. Additionally, the conversations were long and enjoyable discussing all there was to learn  about each other. Begin  to focus your discussions in a similar manner by avoiding the talk of your relationship and the breakup. Direct the conversations toward similar interests and be flirtatious. Be patient because rebuilding the attraction can take a bit of time. Most importantly focus on the conversation  and building the connection yet again.

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