How to Know if You're in Love With Someone – Signs

In your lifetime you must have fallen in love, if not then one fine day you will definitely fall in love. The feeling of love is such that from which no human being doesn’t get touched. If you are already in love then without any reason, you become happy, the whole world will look like a paradise, you will be smiling for no reason and people will think you are mad, yet you won’t mind it. The love will make you feel many things at a time and if you have ever felt like this then it is love for sure. There are many more signs of being in love. These are given as below, and if you agree to them then you have been struck by the decease called as love. Let’s know what they are:

1. He/she will be in your mind for whole day and night It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, he/she will always be there at the back of your mind. Your mind gets hijacked. You might think it as mere attraction or infatuation, but when it keeps on repeating in your mind, then for 100% it is love!

2. Miss/Mr. Perfect Do you think that he/she can never do any wrong task? If Yes, then you are in love. The thoughts that he/she’ll never do anyone wrong, or he/she will never hurt anyone, or he/she’s very nice and different than other boys/girls, talks with maturity, then definitely you love him/her.

3. Playlist: Romantic songs Our song playlist shows our nature. This not only tells about your music choice but also about your emotions. Before falling in love, your playlist might be having songs of rock or trance but once you fall in love, it will have many romantic songs. If these changes have happened, then my dear friend, you are in love!

4. If you feel like meeting him/her every now and then Even after meeting once, that too recently, still you feel like meeting him/her and you feel like talking with him/her for no apparent reason, then you have great chances of being in love. Usually, it is observed that people who are in love ignore their families and friends. They like to spend time with the ones with whom they are in love. There is nothing wrong in that as you feel like knowing more about him/her. Hence if you feel like meeting him/her each weekend then you are in love.

5. Changing yourself In this world, we feel like changing ourselves only for very few people. Be it in physical level or at psychological level. Any person needs a moral support to change himself/herself. Perhaps your would-be lover gives it. Apart from trivial changes, what matters the most is- being a good human being. That’s all counts for the long term.

Happy Being-In-Love 🙂

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