Flames-Depth of Relationship

Flame calculation can be used to predict the depth of relationship between couples. It is calculated by means of names of the couples. Relationship can be either ‘love’ , ‘enemy’ , ‘married’ or anything. Let me explain the process deeply. This calculation deals with simple and compact logic. But there are many flame calculators with complex calculations. It is always better to start with the simplest one.

The flaming process is deeply explained in the following 4 stpes with example.

Step 1 : Write the names of the couples and the relation in the order Male, Relation, Female. If the sex is same consider age. Person with higher age is to be written first.

             eg: Consider the example of John Jose and Mary James and they are related as love. 

                        John Jose


                         Mary James

If the relationship is Married or Enemy replace Love with the appropriate one.

Step 2: First count the number of repeated letters and write them in order (See in the example)

            eg:  John Jose


                   Mary James

Here the first letter is ‘J’, count the number of Js present in the written sample (that is, 3).

Then count the number of Os.

                    John Jose


                   Mary James

Thus number of Os presented in the names are 3. Similarly this process is continued till all the letters are counted for at least once. It is better to cut the letters after counting so that it may not be counted once again.

When all the counts are written in a line it looks like this,

               3  3  1  1  3  3  1  1  2  2  1  1  

Step 3: NowSum out the first and last digits and note down the result . Then add the second and second last digit and note it down and it is written in a line as done it before. If a single digit appears at the middle, then write it at the end.

             eg: 4  4  3  3  4  4

Step 4: Repeat the Step 3 until we obtain an acceptable two or three digit result.

            eg: 8  8  6

                  1  4  8


So in the given example the Love percentage between John Jose andMary James is 94%. Hey go and have A flame check with your partner……

Note: This method is just for fun and entertainment, this may or may not be varied from the actual relationship.

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