Top Luxury Hotels in Singapore

One of the grandest cities of the world, Singapore stands tall amongst the giants that represent modern life and all its aspects. Since its genesis, Singapore has walked that fine line where it flawlessly amalgamates eclectic cultures with commercial enterprise without losing a sense of the Singaporean identity. Part of that inimitable cosmopolitan allure is the wide array of luxury hotels in Singapore.

The first and foremost amongst Luxury Hotels in Singapore is the Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel. A home away from home, the Grand Hyatt is a haven for those who travel for business and pleasure alike. In the plush surroundings of this establishment guests are treated to Damai, a lifestyle hub that includes a spa, swimming pool, restaurant and fitness centers to keep that holiday weight off you.

Mandarin Oriental is another of the classic luxury hotels in Singapore. Ideal for the businessman who likes to go for some leisure as well, situated at the cultural center of the city, the Marina Bay, Singapore’s haute cuisine is at its most dazzling and mouth-watering here. With the magnificent Ocean and the bustling city both in view from this palace of comfort, guests of the luxury hotels in Singapore can be assured of being just a few minutes away from the business commitments in the central business district.

However, for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, there are other havens amongst the luxury hotels in Singapore. The Sentosa Resort not only sports one of the world’s finest spas, but also offers great cuisine under one roof in heart of the woodlands, with a view of the sea. Perfect for a vacation not too far away from home; the business district is still minutes away from the resort. Add to that a swimming pool, a golf course, a tennis court and rolling gardens that are an open invitation to serenity and what you have is not just one of the luxury hotels in Singapore; it’s a formula for complete renewal of the body and soul. The rooms are furnished to give a homely persona to the place with works of art.

Veering away from the classic luxury hotels in Singapore towards the boutique style, the Orchard Hotel Singapore has the advantage of a great location, smack dab in the middle of the renowned shopping and leisure area. Home to the famous Hua Ting Restaurant, the cuisine this hotel offers are top notch. Other facilities include a sizeable swimming pool, gym and sauna. Room service of the luxury hotels in Singapore is one of the best-rated in the world with other services such as babysitting, laundry and dry cleaning. Guest rooms feature state of the art climate control, satellite TV, and broadband.

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