Simple Home Security Steps

Burglaries are a common occurrence in the USA. They are treated as felony and generally carry stiff sentences depending upon how many crimes have been committed. This by itself does not have much meaning as a law abiding citizen. However it is incumbent on you take steps to safe guard your house when you are away.  Prudent action on your part can be a great help in warding of burglaries. Some of the simple steps that you can take in do it yourself security environment are listed below. Bear in mind that statistics show that 57% of all burglaries take place in the day time when the house owner is away.

a)        Keeping Common Sense The first step is to keep your wits about yourself and think from the view point of the burglar.  Thus when ever going out or sleeping, it is incumbent on you to keep your doors and windows locked. Locked doors and windows are in themselves a deterrent to house breaker.

The second point again concerns your alertness. There are many burglars who will try to enter your house on some simple ruse like wanting to make an emergency call. If you are alone at home don’t let him enter and don’t open the door. Better still if you are alone; act as if another person is at home with you.

b)      Guard Dog.  Time and again the value of a guard dog has com out in umpteen incidents. But I will recommend some of the larger dogs for this purpose like the Great Dane or German shepherd. The bark of a dog by itself is a great deterrent for an intruder. Also have sign outside you house saying ‘beware of Dog’. This is known to deter many thieves. A low bark will also compliment this warning.

c)        Other Simple steps. A few other simple steps if carried out prudently can go a long way in safe guarding your home.

–          Keep a radio or TV on. This is a simple step and will convey the impression that you are at home. Remember an empty home is an invitation to a burglar. Hence creating an impression that you are home is a good idea.

–           It is important to hide your valuables. This is a simple step but very effective. Don’t leave your valuables out in the open, but lock them preferably in a home safe. Try and keep the valuables out of the Master bedroom as this is the first place a burglar will enter.

–           Create a secure environment by keeping the windows and door curtains and blinds drawn so as no clear view of the inside of the house is available. Remember  fear of the unknown is a great deterrent.

–           Lastly, when you are away for extended trips insure that your telephone does not ring unnecessarily and all calls are transferred to your mobile.  A ceaseless ringing of your telephone will alert the intruder that the house is empty.

Last but not the least make some arrangements for your mail to be collected, as a piled up newspaper and letters is a clear sign that you are not at home. Follow these simple rules and you will be better off.

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