Simple Steps Personal & Work Life Balance

Simple Steps Personal & Work Life Balance

If you can not remember the last time I hang out with friends or regularly check the phone even if not read, then you need time to stop and change your priorities.

Work done is a positive activity, but if it has made you tired, then it is time to balance work with personal life. Follow these easy steps to add a personal free time, as reported by Sugar Savvy.

A. Me Time
Make a reminder on the phone or add a schedule of “Me Time” into the calendar. These activities should be done so you can have the time to pamper yourself without any distractions.

2. Exercising
One of the best ways to menjernihkah mind and relieve stress is to do a little exercise. These activities can have a positive impact for fitness. You can do this by jogging in the morning or evening, or other moderate exercise that makes it possible to do.

3. Limit the Hours of Work at Home
With the modern technology now makes it easy to work for 24 hours a day. But that does not mean you have to work for it. If there is urgent work to be done at home, you should limit the working hours so as not to overdo it.

4. Take Time to Rest Personal
During breaks in the day, you need to take about 15 to 20 minutes and make use of time for your personal use. For example, calling a lover or husband, talking with colleagues, to buy snacks at the mini market or create a list of tasks to be completed during the next week while relaxing in one of the coffee shops.

5. Work on Time to go home
You need to set boundaries when to stop working and go home on time. So if the work should be completed as soon as possible, you should take extra time in office about 45 minutes. Then again struggling with the work, but only completed the most important points only.

6. Turn off the phone Sleep
This helps you to not always check the smartphone when it rings. So you should put your cell phone as far as possible out of bed in the off state.

7. Schedule time-out Hang Together Friends
If you are the type of hard worker who is very busy, there’s no harm in making vacation plans from long ago. There is a good idea to call some friends or relatives to eat or just hang out with.

8. Doing Hobbies
Would you like to read, paint, or play music? It is important for you to enter the hobby into a schedule of activities. This helps you to have quality time with yourself. You can start by enrolling for the course of music, painting and so forth.

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