A Pilgrimage Tour to Ket Mountain

A pilgrimage tour to Ket Mountain
Ket Abundance in Tinh Bien district, southern arena of An Giang, was aforetime bare area some attenuated paths were fabricated by locals. Over the accomplished few years, Ket Abundance has been accustomed to pilgrims, though.

The abundance was alleged Ket (Parrot) because there is a big bedrock that looks like the arch of a parrot on the top of the mountain. The abundance abruptness is so abrupt that it can abort any mountaineers, abnormally in the hot season. Climbing up the mountain, tourists should now and again yield a blow afore accession at a temple congenital in the average of the mountain. Sitting on a bank beneath the adumbration of a Bodhi tree, travelers will accept a accord of apperception feeling.

Ket Abundance has up to 20 religious sites. It aswell has abounding caves, so in the past, two Buddhas and 12 added humans came actuality to advance their religious lives. This, in turn, attracts absolutely a few pilgrims, abnormally Buddhist followers.

Huynh Long Temple was congenital in a behemothic bedrock next to a ample yard. Legend has it that this is area Phat Thy Tây An (Buddha Master of Western Peace) and his followers meditated. Visitors will be afraid by the adorableness and beginning air of the temple as if they were absent in the fairyland.

U Minh Temple has abounding statues of blooming and white snakes, and statues of buffalo-headed and horse-headed executors with their sinners in a cave. Entering the cavern of the adjacent Bodhisattva Temple, tourists will see the Ta Lon Abundance of Cambodia from afar.

Despite hot weather, copse on the abundance aiguille are still blooming and tourists feel the air-conditioned air. The bogie able-bodied and backyard accomplish travelers overlook their tiredness and try their best to ascend assimilate the 200-square-meter bedrock alleged Sân Tiên (fairy yard) area Huynh Phu So, a religious head, the Buddha Master of Western Accord and gods acclimated to allocution with anniversary other.

According to abstracts of Bu Sn K Hng (Strange Fragrance from the Precious Mountain) religion, abstruse Doan Minh Huyen (who became Buddha Master of Western Accord later) went about to amusement baleful diseases for people. Later, he founded T Ân Hiu Ngha adoration to extend abysmal acknowledgment to ancestors and parents, country, Triratna, compatriots and animal kind. His tomb is anchored abaft the age-old pagoda of Tay An at the bottom of Sam Mountain. The additional Buddha of Ket Abundance was Huynh Phu So, who founded Hòa Ho adoration based on Buddhism.

Strolling about big rocks and a access amidst by adamant barriers, visitors will ability the bogie able-bodied on the aiguille of Ket Mountain. Its baptize shines beneath the sunlight and is so clean, air-conditioned and candied that abounding pilgrims accompany it home to alcohol gradually. There are now apartments for pilgrims to break brief on the mountain.

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