The Enchanting Beauty of South India

The states of South India have a charm and beauty of their own. Any South India tour will leave you in awe of the magnificence this one small part of the world can offer. Let us look at some of the fantastic sights and activities we can encounter in South India. 

The state of Kerala boasts of not only a number of breathtaking sceneries and natural beauty, but also offers a number of intimate activities that will leave you in a state of romantic bliss. Kerala Holidays offer a number of options for the romantic honeymoon couple who wants to keep the spark of romance alive. A Kerala Honeymoon offers couples the perfect scenery and setting that will keep their budding romance alive and in excellent surroundings.  

Another must-do to for anyone who loves romance on the seas is a quiet journey on the backwaters of Kerala. Kerala backwaters provide a great setting with excellent scenery all around. These backwaters are a very famous attraction for anyone who visits Kerala. You can take different types of houseboats and enjoy the scenery outside and apt setting inside the houseboats. The houseboats come fully furnished with top quality accommodation and great food. They can be taken for very reasonable rates and there are a number of tour operators in Kerala who can offer you great deals and packages. You can rest assured you will get far more than your money’s worth. Another place in Kerala that is very famous is Alleppey. Alleppey Tourism is a very well known by tourist from India and abroad for its scenic beauty and magical charm. To look at another facet of this great state, you can take a Cochin tour. It is a great way to experience an authentic flavour of South Indian city life. This is the largest city in Kerala and the capital of the state.

South India is very well known for its various hill stations. Most people enjoy visiting these hill stations during the monsoon months in India, because during this time they are beautifully draped in lush and verdant greenery. There are a number of hill stations that tourists can visit in South India. Let us look at some of these hill station tours.

A Munnar Tour will take you as high as 8000 feet above sea level, where you can witness a beautiful place with quaint streets and exotic flora. The tea plantations in Munnar are a famous attraction.   

A Coorg Tour will welcome you to a beautiful view of greenery and magical waterfalls. Coorg is well known of its coffee plantations and oranges. There are also a number of sights you can visit in Coorg like the famous fort, the Irupu and Abbi falls and the Sri Omkareshwara Temple.

Ooty is another beautiful hill station situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is known to many as the ‘Queen of the hill stations’. You can’t feel the true magic of this beautiful hill station unless you see it for yourself. Ooty tourism has grown over the years and Ooty is a popular destination for scores of tourists.  

To feel the vibrancy of the big city, you can visit Bangalore, which is located in Karnataka. It is the second largest city in South India and the IT hub of India. Bangalore tourism has grown significantly in importance and Bangalore offers much to India as a famous tourist attraction.  

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