How Have Money From Travel Websites? Do You Know ?

Getting Started

To start an internet travel business, you do not need a great deal of money, but  

you will need some tools.      ith regards to equipment, at the minimum you will  

need: a computer, internet connection, digital camera and possibly a video  

camera.  For the personal skills, you will need basic computer skills and some  

writing ability.  An eye for detail and the ability to organize information can also  

help.  Being creative will definitely be a big help.  If you think you won’t be able  

to come up with any good ideas, it is probably only because you have never  

tried.  I guarantee when you start thinking about possible niches for a website  

you won’t be able to stop.

I did a university course on marketing many years ago.  The internet has  

completely changed how companies do sales and marketing  Companies that  

were slow to get online are probably now bankrupt or have been bought out by  

web based companies.   


Laptops or notebook computers are more expensive than desktops, but if you  

can afford one, they can be great to take on the road.  Free wireless internet  

networks are spreading around the globe, so wireless capability is a definite  

advantage as you can create your website on the fly.  

A high end computer is also not necessary, unless you are planning to do edit  

video.  There is also a chance taking a laptop on a trip that it could go missing,  

or be damaged, so it is probably not worth spending a fortune on.

Digital camera

You also do not have to spend a lot of money on a digital camera, unless of  

course your site is about travel photography.ebsites are not like print

magazines which require high resolution pictures.  You will probably end up  

cropping and reducing the size anyway, so unless you are creating a  

photography website a basic digital camera is fine.

Basic setup costs

Hosting is where you basically rent space on a computer server to run your  

website.  Shared hosting is where you share the same server with many other  

sites.  Unless your site becomes immensely popular shared hosting is usually  

adequate, at least at the beginning and costs around $5-$8 a month.   

A domain name is the address which users type into the address bar to get to  

your site.  A new domain costs around $10 a year to register.  Disk space and  

bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper, so these costs will eventually be  

miniscule if you can have success with your site.  If you compare these costs to  

a regular bricks-and-mortar business, like a travel agency in a shopping mall,  

you will quickly see how cheap it is to run an internet website.

Some things which would be nice to have:

Video camera

ith the success of video sharing sites like YouTube, it will be no surprise that  

video on websites is becoming more popular.  Search engines like Google still  

rely on text to return search results and as yet it is difficult to monetize video, so  

I think you should concentrate on building a text based site with some pictures  

before you move into video.

Sound recording

Some people may prefer to first record their content and then later transcribe it.  

A recording device could also be useful for doing interviews.

ith regards to personal requirements, you will need:

Basic computing skills

You don’t need to be a computer genius to create a website.  There are a large  

number of tools currently available to simplify the process.  If you have money  

to invest in your website it can also be possible outsource the technical aspects  

of your website.  It is a good idea however, to try and get a basic understanding  

of the various technical aspects of a website.

You can probably think of it the same as learning about cars.  The more  

knowledge you have about cars, the easier it will be to at least speak to your  

mechanic.  Not learning the basics will end up costing you more in the long run.

Some of the technologies which you should try to start learning include:

–   FTP  

–   HTML

–   RSS

–   Digital image manipulation

If you are thinking about doing this long term, it is a good idea to at least learn  

some HTML and how to upload files to your web server using an FTP program.  

Software that automatically creates HTML often does not do a good job of  

creating ‘clean’ code.  So it can be extremely helpful to at least understand  

basic HTML tags.  To make something bold for example, all you need to do is to  

place the following tags around a word.

For example, this word is bold.

Writing ability

You do not need to be a professional writer to create a travel website.  The  

ability to write clear and concise text is more important.  People reading from a  

computer screen also tend to skim, so lists and bullet points work well.  I will  

also show you later how you can get other people to help write for your website.

Eye for detail

It helps to have an eye for detail when creating a travel website.       hen  

providing directions or including important details like a telephone number, your  

site will quickly loose credibility if you make mistakes with these important  

details.  Fortunately, people are quick to let you know your information is  

incorrect and unlike a travel guide book, the information can be updated  


Organizational skills

One of the most important factors in creating a successful website is usability.  

   hen you are researching your site, you will have articles, maps, hotel reviews  

and photographs all of which need to be organized in a logical and consistent  

manner.  No matter how great your information is, if people can’t find it on your  

site, it will be practically worthless.   ebsite design is also an important factor,  

but at the heart of this is how you organize the information.

Visit your favorite websites and see how they organize their information.  

People who visit your site and are unable to find what they are looking for  

quickly will not hesitate to move on to another website.

Defining your target market

Like any business you need to research and define your target market.  It will  

help a great deal if you have an interest and some knowledge in the area of the  

site you are creating.

Registering a domain

A .com is generally best, followed by .net and .org.  If your target  

visitors are from a particular country, you could consider registering a domain  

for that country, like for people from the UK.  Since the internet is global it  

is probably better to target a global audience.  For a travel guide, only  

information like insurance and visas need to be aimed at people from a  

particular country.Register your domain at a large registrar like Moniker or  Registration should cost around $8-$10 a year.  Again, if you  

are serious about the business and have the money, register the domain for ten  

years.  Search engines do place weight on this to distinguish quality sites.  You  

can also do this at a later time, once your site is developed.

Be sure to set the renewal to automatic and to keep your payment details up to  

date.  You don’t want to let your domain name expire.


nce you have your domain registered, you will need a place to host your site.  

This is where you upload your files, so they can be viewed on the internet.  

There are thousands of companies to choose from, all offering varied but pretty  

similar services.   

For the past two years, I have been using Dreamhost.  They do occasionally  

have problems, but the service is fantastic for the price.  Even more expensive  

hosts will run into problems at some stage.  Dreamhost’s interface is fairly  

simple to navigate and you can install things like Joomla and        ordpress with  

j ust one click.  The thing which I like most however, is that you can host an  

unlimited number of sites with them – perfect for building your online empire!

Many domain registration companies offer hosting, but you do not necessarily  

have to host your site with the same company.  Separating the two is in fact a  

good idea, as there will probably be a time where you will need to change hosts  

for whatever reason.


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