The Reason For Why Rose is Favorate Flowers For Girls

what is the favorite flower of girls? in most opinion it is rose then next problem occurs which is the coloure they like?so in these artical we can discuss it.our first question is that why they like roses.its seems that they like the smell and structure of its designe.and also it can take the heart of others so thats why all the lovers are most probably exchanging roses as a symbol.then the next question arise which is the color that they most opinion they like red roses and they also have ,why they like it .the most one say the red roses are like our heart and so it is like to exchange of to heart so that why they are exchanging these red roses.and also in earlier times in England and USA and all the most of them are using white roses.and also in world market white roses are been produced very red become very popular in world market because of flower production.and atlast why it became the head of all the flower? these question is very simple because I told you before it can take the heart of girls so fastly than others.

Have you ever eaten roses? We usually don’t think of flowers as food, but I recently started eating flowers. My grandchildren were not impressed. It started when I read of a man who was going blind and supposedly used marigold extract to improve his sight. I visited a neighbors marigold patch and had lunch. The flavor was pretty intense. My neighbor didn’t join in the feast.  Other Flowers I have eaten are lavender, rose. lily, pansy and squash. the deer in our yard. seem to know to eat the good ones. I like squash blossom soup. 

Rose : Rose is a very popular flower in medicine.  It is used in a beverage form to heal the liver and intestine especially in cases of irritable bowel disease,  liver problems, and gall bladder. It is supposed to be very good in bilious disorders. Rose aroma is a happy aroma and is supposed to aid in elevating mood.

Begonia : Boiling this flower in water along with a dash of cinnamon  is very useful for eliminating toxins from the blood and cleansing the liver. A paste made with the flower can be applied on burns, pains and toxic sores.

Honeysuckle: Gargling with the essence of this flower relieves sore throat. It is also effective for all inflammatory conditions. The blossoms are rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties. The leaves and stems of this flower are useful for mild arthritis
Yarrow: Use the infusion of this flower for upper respiratory phlegm. Use it externally as a wash for skin eczema.   It is a remedy for cold and flu.

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Flowers are also a natural and healthful moderator of moods in the following ways:

  • Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness.
  • Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.
  • Flowers make intimate connections.

Some might not have creative genes, but we sure have intimate connections.  Don’t forget to vote, if you like our roses.

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