How To Keep Yourself For Women Frequently Traveling

Many people say that traveling to work or traveling to foreign countries is just the job for a man, but did you know that it is a misconception?

Yes, although women were not stop him from traveling to her wherever she wants even though he was traveling alone … so alone.

But is not it quite dangerous if a woman traveling so far to go abroad just by himself?

Indeed, as a woman you will be required more preparation than men who tend to be preparing for what it is.

As a woman you should know that yourself so valuable as well as some of your luggage that is certainly worth an average of not less but more often you use to travel anywhere. So you have to know what should you do if you were planning to go abroad alone without anyone to accompany you.

Some of the tips below you can use to keep you and keep you from all the things you do not want:

1. Goods Preparing For Departure

You should know that if you plan to go abroad then you need is a Passport and Visa. Yes, although you women, you can immediately take care of it if you do not already have these two important items.

But if you already have it then it turns out you have to do is check the validity Passport and Visa you are. If you find that the validity period has passed one of them then you have to extend it first.

As a woman you do not want to not when you arrive in a country was your passport must be detained and interrogated you? Yes, you can try it before you extend it to travel far out of the country.

2. Do not Empty Your House In A Long Time

Usually a woman will be more attention to what is left behind, including the house where he lived, so as a woman you should already know what to do instead?

Yes, if you plan to leave your home in a long time for months, then ask your brother, your family or perhaps your friends close and your best for your home meninggali or visit the home so that you are not left in a state that went untreated .

Especially if it turns out you have the animal like a cat in it, of course, the animal will need to eat and drink as well right? Yes, so do not forget to ask for help from the people closest to you to keep your home and its contents. And as a trade-off given the people closest to you is a gift from the place you will visit.

3. Do not Bring Valuable Goods Flashy And Expensive

Indeed, as a woman you are required to always look beautiful with a charming variety of jewelry and also attract attention. But did you know that sometimes the actions will lead to excessive unwanted things like robbery or pickpocketing? Yes, you will not know what awaits you in your destination country.

You may be positively biased and say nothing will happen, but if you yourself were careless in the use of your jewelry it is not possible if you will be followed by an unknown person and then threaten to take your jewelry by force?

Of course this is possible is not it? So to avoid this, you should only use the jewelry that you think is necessary only to add to your beauty such as earrings and bracelets.

But if it turns out women like you are very fond of jewelry, then you can save your precious jewelry with jewelry that is much cheaper but does not reduce the quality of your own beauty, as it is made of rocks or beads or ornamental stone from Borneo.

4. Prepare Insurance and Medicines

It is time now to grow the survival instinct in a woman like you. Before you actually go abroad you must have a health insurance and also prepare all drugs for unexpected needs while you are abroad.

By having this insurance then you do not have to worry anymore if you find that you’ll suddenly ill and should be in care. Yes you can use your insurance to cover most of the cost of your care.

5. Stay Confident and not alarmed

 Although you are a woman who can conquer the hearts of any man, you have to keep on top your performance or simply the word is confidence. By the nature of this confidence will make the bad guys who look you feel reluctant to approach or even bother you.

If you are labile (no confidence) the bad guys will continue to follow you and then lead you to a quiet place so that they can do whatever they want. Because it is high confidence (not redundant origin) is a must for a woman.

6. Bring a weapon

It may seem a bit scary but it does need to prepare your mind is a woman who could be tempted or harassed by another person at any time.

The weapon is meant here is not a sharp knife or a gun that can make people who see him running scared, but more focused on the weapons which are camouflaged.

The weapon is meant here is a shot of pepper or a more virulent again stun gun is capable of stinging or thousands of volts. Stun gun, today there are many on the market and is currently the most effective is a stun gun shaped HP where people did not expect that the phone you carry is a stun gun that fierce.

Interesting is not it? You can find the seller of this stun gun on the internet or in stores that sell equipment for self defense. Indeed, women are particularly suited to use stun guns gun, so try to have one.

7. Dress the way you keep

The last and among the most important in keeping yourself is to keep the way you dress. If you are as a body endowed woman who was so beautiful, sexy and very pleasant to look at then you should never hook flaunt your curves is much less to look sexy.

This would not only create the impression of “cheap” to some people who see evil, but also cause unwanted events such as sexual harassment.

Quite often sexual harassment against women because they were women wear clothes that seduce men, so if you go try to dress neatly, covered and elegant so you will be treated as a respectable woman and cool.

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