Thang Long Imperial Citadel

Thang Long Imperial Citadel
The axial breadth of the Authoritative Bastion of Thang Long – Hanoi, which has been accustomed as a Apple Cultural Heritage, covers about 18,000m2, consisting of the archaeological website at No. 18, Hoang Dieu Street and the breadth of the old Hanoi Citadel. 

The arctic city-limits gate, one of vestiges kept complete from Thang Long Authoritative Citadel

It contains an invaluable cultural abundance which not alone symbolizes the civic cultural apotheosis but aswell has ethics of all-around significance 

The ancestry website consists of charcoal on the ground, including the foundation of Kinh Thien Alcazar from the Le So Dynasty, with rock accomplish and balconies carved with dragons fabricated in 1467; Doan Mon Gate, the southern aboideau of the banned city-limits of Thang Long; and charcoal of Hanoi Bastion from the Nguyen Absolutism with Cua Bac (Northern Gate) and the Flag Tower. 

There still abide some aggressive architectural works of the French from the backward 19th century, such as the command appointment of the French arms congenital on a allotment of the foundation of Kinh Thien Palace. Obviously, due to abasement from weather, the abolition of wars and animal devastation, alone a few charcoal of the millennial Thang Long – Hanoi remain.

Fortunately, abounding charcoal and artifacts of altered actual periods accept been begin underground, so abounding historians and archaeologists said “there is an underground Thang Long – Hanoi”. 

Although these charcoal are broke because they were in the earth, they are abounding of candour. Notably, the appropriate ethics of the underground Thang Long – Hanoi” are accurately apparent in the axial breadth of the Authoritative Bastion of Thang Long – Hanoi”, a apple cultural heritage.

Some of admired artifacts begin at the antique website of Thang Long Authoritative Citadel

The axial breadth of Thang Long Authoritative Citadel, listed as the Apple Cultural Heritage, consists of charcoal on the ground, including the foundation of KinhThienPalace from the Le So Dynasty, with rock accomplish and balconies carved with dragons fabricated in 1476.


The map of the antique website in the authoritative Thang Long – Hanoi.

The axial breadth of Thang Long Authoritative Bastion is not huge, but it contains invaluable cultural heritage of mankind.

In 1998 an analysis blasting at Doan Mon, Cua Bac and Hau Lau begin abounding charcoal and artifacts from the Ly and Tran Dynasties. In 2008 addition blasting at the website amid Doan Mon and the foundation of Kinh Thien Alcazar begin vestiges of the cloister in foreground of the aristocratic alcazar from the Le Dynasty, which was congenital with board bricks, a archetypal blazon of that time. 

Particularly, from December 2002 to 2004 an archaeological blasting was agitated out at No. 18 Hoang Dieu Street and begin a circuitous of charcoal and artifacts on an breadth of 19,000m2 which date aback to the pre-Thang Long time afore the 11th aeon through Thang Long to Hanoi time. 

Later, the blasting breadth was broadcast to 33,000 m2 breadth overlapping cultural layers with charcoal of architecture, sewerage systems, baptize wells, foundations, pillars and walls and vestiges of old rivers and lakes were discovered. 

All these appearance the connected history and ability with assorted layers of a alcazar breadth which had existed through altered actual periods. The centre breadth of the Authoritative Bastion of Thang Long – Hanoi has three outstanding characteristics:

Firstly, although the ancestry breadth is not large, it was a centre of ability and ability for 13 after centuries (from the 7th aeon up to now), including over eight centuries (from the Ly Absolutism in the 11th aeon to the Le Absolutism in the backward 18th century) as a political and authoritative centre of a nation, which developed aboriginal in Southeast Asia, until today. This is a altered appropriate rarely apparent in the history of added authoritative cities in the world.

Secondly, as a centre of ability and a centre of the authoritative citadel, the ancestry breadth contains a admixture of actual and cultural ethics of the nation. The banned city-limits served as the alive abode of the cloister breadth political, cultural, religious and adept ceremonies of the aristocratic absolutism were held, and was the abode of the aristocratic family. 

So it was home to palaces, castles with architectural art and technique, architecture affairs and mural architecture which were agitated out by accomplished people. The blasting has begin charcoal of abounding all-embracing palaces of altered types, admirable adorning items and accoutrement of top abstruse and aesthetic amount of the aristocratic family. It may be said that the ancestry website reveals the cultural apotheosis of a nation. 

Thirdly, if ambience up the basic city-limits in Thang Long, King Ly Thai To advised this abode as “a position amid the apple and the heaven”, “a position amid the North and South, East and West”, which “overlooks the river and leans adjoin the mountains”, “an basic affair abode of the four directions”, etc.

In agreement of accustomed conditions, Thang Long was the centre of the Red River delta, a cradle of the wet rice acculturation of the Viet humans and the hub of calm and all-embracing water-way carriage arrangement via the Red River axis. It was due to this favourable position and the architecture efforts of the aristocratic dynasties, Thang Long has become an abiding basic city-limits until now. It was this position that helped the ancestry website accept ample contacts and interactions with the world, which is apparent in the actuality that abounding artifacts advancing from West Asia, China, Japan, Korea, etc., were begin in the archaeological antique site.

From these outstanding characteristics, the axial breadth of the Authoritative Bastion of Thang Long – Hanoi bears not alone the apotheosis of civic cultural ethics but aswell of globally cogent values, affair the belief (2, 3 and 4) of the apple cultural heritage.

For these affidavit the ancestry website was classified as a antique of national-level on December, 28, 2007 and of appropriate national-level on August 12, 2009. In particular, on July 31, 2010 (August 1, 2010 of Vietnamese time), at the 34th affair of UNESCO\’s Apple Ancestry Committee captivated in Brazil, the Axial Breadth of the Authoritative Bastion of Thang Long – Hanoi was account as the Apple Cultural Heritage.

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