How to Become Internationally Recognized

As a talented new designer, whether we are talking about

clothes, jewelries, shoes or other fashion items, you might be encouraged by the success you have at a local level. The local companies started to enquiry about your productions to be presented on their catwalks, and the televisions started to ask for your presence in their fashion related shows. However, this is only the first step needed to become internationally recognized. If you want to try your luck at an international level, you must think about global fashion distribution.

Global fashion distribution is a complex concept, and as we are talking about a complex and demanding industry, it can’t be done by anybody. A company offering those services must not only have established contracts with international fashion houses that are willing to promote the creations of the local designers, but they must also have the necessary logistic to distribute your creations all over the world. However, maybe the most important aspect about a company of this kind is marketing. Promoting your creations is crucial, and a company that is not able to make your name known inMilan,Paris andNew York can’t be considered a real fashion distributor.

Of course, as any other service, it will cost some money. At the beginning, you might not even be able to cover the expenses with the fashion distributor from your incomes. As time passes and people start to look for your creations in the exclusive boutiques inDubaiandLondon, your distributor might even propose you a new contract with more benefits for you.

Fashion distribution is a fascinating industry that is based on creation, but also on organization and logistics. Unfortunately, the skills of those companies are hidden. People expect a fashion presentation to be perfect, and if it is so, the praises will go to the designer. In case the presentation is a disaster, everybody will blame the fashion distributor. It is a risky and demanding business, but the satisfactions on the long term are immense.  

This is the simplest method to lmake your products known all over the world. Sure, at the beginning, you won’t need such a service, especially while you are only working on a local plan. However, as your business grows, you will understand the importance of global fashion distributors.

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