Real Life Firestarter? Vietnam’s Girl Mystifies Scientists

An 11-year-old Vietnamese girl in HCM City can radiate and burn things that surround her, confirmed his father on May 13. As like in a Firestarter science fiction thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King in 1984 but now in real life.

The girl, whose family claims she has an unusual mental power that can cause objects to burst into flames, has drawn a great deal of attention from the Vietnamese media.

The girl’s father mentioned he first became aware of that his child was uncommon when the family house’s electrical network suffered a number of short circuits, about a month ago. Electricians had been called to fix the short circuit but couldn’t discover the trigger behind the power failures.

He mentioned the girl was taken to other houses where the identical phenomenon happened every time. Her mattresses, fans and different gear have burst into flames. The hotel room where her family stayed two weeks ago during their holiday on Vung Tau seashore also suffered burns from a blaze.

Lately, the girl burnt a corner of the bathroom seat. Sometimes, her clothes instantly burst into flames.

Her family now guards her across the clock to prevent any potential incident. When she goes to sleep, water buckets and a wet towel will be positioned next to her mattress to put out the fire in case of emergency.

The family took the girl to a scientist, named Du Quang Chau, at Hong Bang International University for treatment.

After a number of tests, the scientist said he observed variations from the norm in her cerebral hemisphere. Additional research into her strange case is needed, according to Chau.

The girl was medically examined at Cho Ray Hospital and the Children No 2 Hospital but medical doctors discovered nothing abnormal about her body.

Prof. Nguyen Manh Hung, director of the university, said that the girl is capable of burning things around her.

“This is a very strange case not only in Viet Nam but for the world,” said Hung.

The girl remains anonymous. Outlets such as Tuoi Tre News and Thanh Nien have published photos of charred fans, walls and clothing

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