How i Turned Traveling by Bus to Fun

Traveling by bus on a long journey could be an uncomfortable situation if you are new to the experience. This days because of advancement in technology ,buses has become some  poor man’s airline. Nevertheless ,staying idle for long period waiting to hit your destination could make most people bored .However, as a frequent traveler by bus , i have gained this experience which turns my boredom into fun

The first rule of traveling by bus is to stay sober .When you are drunk you may feel dizzy as the bus bumps along the road . Apart from that ,you could misbehave and make more enemies than friends,which is the last thing you want

Secondly , no matter the season of the year ,make sure you dress lightly while traveling. If it is summer ,the window will be open ,if it is winter, it will be closed ,so why wear half of your wardrobe

The next idea is to buy a good book or magazine .Nothing is more relaxing than browsing through your favorite magazine or book as the bus careers along the road . Apart from lulling you to sleep, it could earn you new friends because someone could ask to see the kind of book you are reading

most importantly,not all bus companies print seat number on the ticket . If a seating order is not followed ,make sure you sit with people you like at first sight . Sitting with cute people makes the journey seem shorter , it is also true the other way round.

If there are no connections for music in the bus , use your phone ,iPod or whatever that plays music and listen to good music. please make use of your headset because nobody cares about your favorite music

The next thing you may do is to stick your eyes to the window and admire the scene , check out the topography of the place , it takes your mind off the long journey ahead

Lastly , you have to quit whingeing and like the experience. When you don’t get what you want ,all you need for happiness is to like what you have .

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