Charisma is More Then Skin Deep

Charisma also known as personal magnetism is the ability to influence others by connecting with them through body, mind and spirit… It is about inspiring others because they are attracted to who you are and what you are doing. Charisma is all about using your energy to draw other people to you. And using that force to manipulate others to do your bidding, it is an attribute worth developing. It is can be to lead others to the success or destruction. Personal magnetism is neither good nor bad, but make no mistake it can be used for very evil purposes.

Charisma is more than just the physical attractiveness and charm. A magnetic personality or charisma requires conviction in one’s own beliefs and abilities. Confidence is the key to exhibiting an attractive aura to others. Confidence in knowing ones limit and building upon the strengths to succeed at the charismatic’s chosen field of expertise. To develop this unshakable trust in oneself, requires moving outside of the comfort zone that binds so many people. They learn to take emotional and mental risks the push you to grow as a person of higher social value. By pursuing interests that they always had but felt they were just outside of their abilities to achieve.

Communication is the next key ingredient in the development of a charismatic’s arsenal. The ability to express clear and concise ideas to other, will draw them to a person in a way that seems magnetic. By learning to enjoy conversation and becoming adept at small talk, leading others down a path of sensual intrigue. Charismatic can people guide people through seductive the use of language and mental imagery. A person with a great magnetic appeal draws all to himself by not discriminating people into categories of value. However, by exerting charm over even the lowest of people they are able to increase their influence outward. Touching all within the sphere of the social circles in which they move also…

Lastly, vision is required to develop a personal magnetic attraction. The ability to see what’s beyond the horizon and to convince those around them to follow them blindly. On only the vision, put forth by the charismatic. Trust is needed to be a charismatic leader of people. Gained by convincing all of those under his influence, that his will and idea of a better vision for their lives.

When used properly by persons of considerable moral character charisma can be a force of extreme good and can propel individuals and nation into unlimited heights of achievement. That will benefit, both the charismatic and those under the influence of a bewitching charm. However, if used for evil or selfish realizations. It will be the destruction of all those within the circle of magnetic flux. 

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