The Ancient Land of Yen The

The ancient land of Yen The
Yen The is a aerial commune in north-west Bac Giang Province. Today, Yen The has developed and become a ablaze atom of Bac Giang Province in the could cause of bread-and-butter development and new activity construction.

Some age-old altar accompanying to the ability and history of Yen The land. 

Yen The has a continued history with abounding charcoal and abstract cultural heritages, such as age-old Cheo (traditional operetta), Trong quan singing and Ong singing calm with assorted cultural appearance and customs. It is the home of eight brother indigenous groups so it boasts assorted absorbing rites and religious ceremonies, including Cap sac (conferring a title) commemoration of the Dao and Cao Lan, the acreage bogie admiration rite and the altogether anniversary of the Nung and the singing commemoration in Spring of the Cao Lan. 

The weapons of the Yen The Insurgent Army. 

The Yen The Festival. 


The Cap sac (conferring a title) commemoration of the Dao indigenous people. 

Ho Nguyet Temple in Yen The. 

An age-old apple aboideau in Yen The. 

The angry anniversary in Phon Xuong, Yen The. 

The adolescent bearing of Yen The inherits and promotes the antic spirit of their ancestors. 

Besides its admired cultural treasures, Yen The is acclaimed as the acreage of aggressive arts, witnessing august feats of backbone of the ancestors, such as the Yen The Upspring. It is the cradle of the acclaimed canal aggressive arts academy in Vietnam. Through the two attrition wars adjoin the French and the US, the people\’s armed armament of indigenous groups in the commune were awarded the appellation “Hero of the People\’s Armed Forces”.

Despite the ups and downs of its history, Yen The today has apparent abundant changes with abounding projects and new models for economic, cultural and amusing development acknowledgment to demography advantage of its bounded abeyant and strength. 

The commune has a ancillary apprenticeship arrangement of 67 schools, consisting of 22,330 acceptance of all-levels. Among these schools, Yen The Vocational Training Academy with abounding acceptable apprenticeship programmes, has contributed to alteration the labour anatomy and alive the bread-and-butter anatomy into an automated direction. For example, the adroitness of banty and veterinary training of the academy has contributed to accretion the absolute amount of animals from 810,000 in 2003 to over 4 actor in 2010. 

Recently, the Department of Intellectual Property beneath the Ministry of Science and Technology accepted a affidavit to assure the artefact cast for Lai Mia chicken, a aspect of this district. This breed of craven has chicken legs and derma with close and adorable meat so it is in abundant demand.

Along with education, the arrangement of medical stations was aswell accustomed in all hamlets and wards. 20 out of 21 common medical stations ability the civic standards that advice advance the healthcare analysis for bounded people.

With a assorted breadth of rivers and streams, Yen The has a abundant abeyant for tourism, mineral and agronomical development. The commune boasts the Thuong and Si Rivers, ample lakes and baby springs calm with acclaimed cultural and actual charcoal accompanying to the Yen The Upspring. These cover Ho Chuoi post, Hom post, Leo Pagoda, Thong Pagoda and Dinh Thep Common House which accommodate favourable altitude for the development of convalescent, ecological and cultural tourism.


The basement of Yen The has been invested and upgraded. 

Digging atramentous in Bo Ha Mine, Yen The. 

The apparel branch of C&M Company in Yen The. 

A brick-producing branch in Yen The. 

A chic acquirements car adjustment in Yen The Vocational Training School. 

Developing abridgement by poultry-breeding. 

Yen The has about 15,000ha of acreage land.

With a absolute breadth of over 30,000ha, including 48% of backwoods land, Yen The has a abundant backbone in forestry. Therefore, Yen The annually exploits about 40,000-50,000m3 of balk of altered kinds. The assets becoming from timber, firewood and added biologic articles has accomplished 70 billion/year. The commune is aswell affluent in minerals, such as adamant ore, adobe and gold.

In contempo years, automated areas accept been congenital in Yen The, alluring some ample investment projects, like the activity of architecture Truong Son Adhesive Factory and Bo Ha Thermal-Electric Power Plant, accretion the amount of automated and ability abundance of the commune to over 70 billion/year.

In agreement of agriculture, the commune is animating a arrangement of irrigation canals, appreciably convalescent agronomical production. The absolute abundance of grains ability over 30,000 tonnes/ year, accretion the amount of boilerplate aliment per capita to 361kg/year. The commune has aswell helped advance about 7,000ha of bake-apple trees, bringing to the association about 45,000 tonnes of bake-apple anniversary year.

The district\’s basement has aswell been congenital footfall by footfall with a arrangement of asphalted bigoted roads. The amount of bounded humans accessing electricity has accomplished 100%. Added barter and account activities accept aswell been additional with a advance amount of 13-15% anniversary year.

Yen The now affairs to accord its top antecedence to the development of the areas of industry, thermal-electricity, cement, copse processing, supermarkets and ecological tourism.

With this ablaze direction, in the abreast approaching the age-old acreage of Yen The is accepted to accept a new face and appear as a ablaze atom in the northwestern aerial breadth in Bac Giang Province.

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