Analysis of The Materials of Cell Phone Screen Protector

There are lots of screen protectors in the market, which one is better? In fact, screen protector also have its evolution, similar with mobile phones, from thick and light tight PVC material, to nm-static, anti-scratch and no plastic residual PET material. Then what their differences are and how they changed?

Early PVC

The earliest screen protector is made of PVC, soft and easy to paste. But its disadvantage is that the material is thick with a poor light transmittance. Even magnifying the image to cause a distortion. In addition, early PVC was added by DOP softeners, which would have oil extravasations or turn yellow with the change of temperature and external environment. Also, there will be adhesive residue left after torn off, very hard to clean out.

Latter PVC

Sometime later, some manufacturers improved the PVC material, solving the problem of thick and light transmittance. However, there are also cases that the film turns yellow or leaks oil. And the same with the earlier PVC, the latter one doesn’t have the function of anti-scratch. Once the screen protector is damaged, the screen show effect reduces largely.

Because that the PVC is poisonous, containing heavy metal ingredients, and won’t break down automatically, it has been banned in Europe. However, considering the wide use range of PVC material and low cost, some manufacturers have started to research non-toxic PVC.

Lately PET

Recently, there are also lots of screen protectors made of PET, which are better than PVC in light transmittance. This material has some static itself and could reduce the adhesive residue by electronic adsorption. Besides, latest mobile phones are usually accompanied by a transparent screen protector at the beginning and the one with Nokia is using PET material.

AR material screen protectors

Currently, this is the best screen protectors in the market. It has a high light transmittance (above 95%), non-glistening, won’t affect the screen visual effects.

The functions of good screen protectors are supposed to include anti-scratch, highlight transmittance, no adhesive residue after tore off. In this way, it can truly achieve the function of protection.

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