Satchel Handbags in The Pop Culture

Shoulder bags can also be referred to as a handbag, a messenger bag or a satchel. A handbag is commonly called a woman’s purse. A messenger bag is a larger bag that is carried via long strap usually worn across the body. A satchel is not a purse. It is a strapped bag worn diagonally on the shoulder. These three classifications are nonetheless, shoulder bags. But of course, these bags will not be too attractive if they don’t have an accent. This is why people came up with the idea of leather shoulder bags.
Leather shoulder bags are a mark of elegance and sleekness. They contribute to a person’s preppy outlook. The best thing about leather shoulder bags is that you can use them in any occasions. It is definitely a star for all seasons.
Whether you go out to the malls, go to work or school, bond with friends at a coffee shop, or just literally beat around the bush, you are always in style. Apart from this, you are rest assured that your bag is downright durable and long lasting.
These leather shoulder bags are made from genuinely authentic leathers. Given this fact, they are surely flexible and dominantly hardwearing. Regardless of the type of leather, whether it is a vegetable-tanned, chrome-tanned, aldehyde-tanned, synthetic-tanned, or rawhide, it is still leather in its entire sense.
Buying the right kind of leather shoulder bags may be a crucial thing to do because there are a lot of dealers that offer fake leather.
This excerpt comes from the movie The Hangover when Alan Garner (main character) was asked about his shoulder bag. Moreover, Indiana Jones uses a satchel to complete his trademarked attire. His satchel is specifically a Roots Village Bag. This gives us an idea that even men use satchel handbags out of necessity.
Even in the pop culture, satchel handbags have paved their way to rekindle its fashion statement.

The word satchel came from the Latin word, saccellus which means “small bag”. It is generally described as a flexible long-strapped container carried on the shoulder that is commonly closed by a flap. Hence, satchel handbags are shoulder bags.
One of Shakespeare’s monologues entitled, All The World’s A Stage, mentioned the word satchel. It stated, “And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel.” In the 15th to 16th century, satchel handbags are usually seen on students who carry books along with thems
In the fantasy-comedy movie Tangled, a satchel carried the stolen crown of Rapunzel. It was the central item in the movie. An American television series entitled 24 also acknowledges satchel handbags when Jack Bauer, who is the main protagonist of the film, is often featured carrying his satchel.
When you look it up in the market, many dealers sell satchel handbags that are of low class and quality. If you plan to own a satchel handbag for your personal collection or just a need, visit us at now and pick the perfect partner for your own benefit.

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