Clothing Choice of Kate Middleton For London 2012 Olympic Celebrations

The Duke and Duchess pair of Cambridge started the celebration by attending the 2012 London Olympic Games Olympic BOA Concert at The Royal Albert Hall on Friday (5/11/2012) ago. And, Kate Middleton is not running out of ideas to steal the show with his performance.

If he usually chose a classic silhouette, completely closed, with a neutral color pumps, this time he wore a blue-green dress Jenny Packham design with low cleavage. If he turned his back to you, I saw the back of a transparent, because it uses materials lace dress in the back.

Later, the choice of 30-year-old female clothing does look sexier. He was not wearing a completely open, or uses a provocative design, but the display through simple things that give surprises. Here’s an example:

* Hemisphere thigh. In a private dinner at Claridge’s Hotel, Mayfair, London, Tuesday (05/08/2012) and then, she wore a dress of the older collection by Roland Mouret RM creamy colored. The dress is high necked and long sleeved. What makes it riveting is the front part of the thigh, and leg are no longer hierarchically wrapped in skin color stockings as usual. This simple design made more vivid by Jimmy Choo shoes and clutch which is too bling bling.

* Show off the skin. Jenny Packham dress worn long in the event Kate BOA Olympic Concert cursory look conservative. However, when observed further, lace material in the shoulder and back skin exhibiting his back straight. Previously, if you wear clothes that expose little skin, usually she will cover it with a cardigan or blazer.

* Hemisphere lower chest. Packham dress design uses pleated techniques in the chest, then put together in the stomach with a ribbon. This raises deep grooves in the chest, which covered only small quantities of lace on the overdraft.

* Wearing open shoes. What’s so special open shoes or open-Toed Shoes? Probably not. But the snake motif Jimmy Choo shoes, metallic colors with a lavish sprinkling of crystals in a row she wore in the arguably week break royal tradition. Both Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker Bowles (Prince Charles’s wife) always choose the right shoes with a closed low. Kate itself looks very fond of nude color pumps LK Bennett output, but in banquet events he seems to prefer a shoe that is more feminine and elegant.

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