Bali People Struggle Monument

One of the famous monument in the provincial capital of Bali is Denpasar is Bali People Struggle Monument. Bali People Struggle Monument was built in central London since 1988 and inaugurated in 2003. As the name suggests, this museum there is a monument to the memory of the persistence store since ancient royal warrior Bali in Bali to seize and defend the independence of Indonesia especially in Bali.
Struggle Museum Bali blaze In the Year 1980. Starting from the idea of ​​Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra who was then Governor of Bali. He originally had the idea of ​​museums and monuments to the struggle of the people of Bali. Then in 1981, held memorial design competition, which was won by Ida Bagus Yadnya, who was a student majoring in architecture Faculty of Engineering, University of Udayana. Then in 1988 performed the groundbreaking of the first and for a little over 13 years of the monument is completed. In 2001, the physical building of monuments is completed. A year later, charging and settlement environment diorama monument done. In September 2002, the Governor about the designation SK Chief UPTD Monument implemented. And finally, on August 1, 2004, opened to the public service in general, having earlier in the month of June 2003 inauguration of the monument made by the President at the time of President Megawati Sukarnoputri.
The monument is located in Renon field is indeed very interesting for all people because the place is well maintained and clean and complete with a tower that rose into the sky that has a beautiful Balinese architecture. Location of the monument is also very strategic as it is situated in front of the Office of the Governor of Bali which is also in front of the Bali Provincial Parliament Building in the Field Renon Nitimandala precisely. This place is where the battle between the people of Bali era of independence against the occupying forces. This war is known as the “War Puputan” which means all-out war. This monument was erected to pay homage to the heroes and a symbol of respect for the struggle of the people of Bali.
Museum Bali
Struggle Museum Bali
To enter the monument with an area of ​​4900 m2 and a land area of ​​138 830 m2, every adult visitors collected a ticket for Rp 2,000. While Rp 1,000 for children. As we get into the museums in this monument, we will see many interesting things. The design of the monument is also no less good as its exterior. There were also local and foreign tourists who were looking to see where this collection. This monument is a collection of various dioramas featuring Balinese people’s struggle. There are 17 dioramas at the monument, located on Highway Niti Mandala Puputan this. Some of them tells of the struggle at the time of the kingdom in Bali in opposing the occupation. For example, in Buleleng Jagaraga War, War to the Battle of Badung Puputan Puputan Klungkung.
Not only that, some of the diorama also describes the doings of the people of Bali in maintaining independence after Indonesia’s independence proclamation. For example, fighting in the Port of Buleleng, Bali Strait Margarana bellows until the war under the leadership of the I Gusti Ngurah Rai.
In addition to diorama, was seen a few pictures of national heroes I Gusti Ngurah Rai with his troops. On the monument is also a museum and called Bajra Sandhi also contained a library, shopping and Balinese food Balinese crafts shame if you did not bring a gift as a souvenir to take home. After that, we can try to climb a tall tower tens of meters. From the tower we could see the sights and activities in Denpasar city Renon Square and surrounding areas. Once you are happy and enjoy everything you want to go home, do not forget to take photos of Bali’s distinctive architecture in Bali People Struggle Monument.
Brief information Bali People Struggle Monument

* Distance from Airport: 13 km
* Distance from Seaport: 12 km
* Distance from Bus Station: 6 Km
Museum Hours
* Senis – Friday: 08:00 to 17:00
* Saturday and Sunday: 9:30 to 17:00
* National Public Holidays and Leaves With: Close

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