Transfer Contacts to Your Smartphone


If you use Microsoft Exchange Server account to synchronize your Smartphone and other devices, you will convert your contacts to rest when you can connect your new phone. Another option, if the phone’s hardware, the data from your old phone to transfer your contacts to the SIM card. Some software vendors are also transferred to the phone, Verizon Backup Assistant application is provided as is, but if none of these methods are applicable to your situation, you still have a name and number for each type of option.


If you do not already have iTunes on your computer. Program, click Open.

Cable is a USB cable to your old iPhone to your computer, then connect to the plug. ITunes recognizes the phone call, you can “Tools” tab on the left side of the iTunes window, your phone, see below, it is accepted.

Click on the icon on your phone, and then on top of a window “Information” tab appears, click on it. Windows, a Mac, click on “sync contacts” on “Sync Address Book contacts, click Address Book on your computer to transfer contacts  …

Your old phone to your computer, plug the USB cable to your iPhone and the new addition. In iTunes, click the phone icon on the bottom right corner of the “Apply” to transfer your contacts in sync with the computer, click on your new iPhone.


To create a Gmail account, if you do not. Android phones generally have a Gmail application is already installed, so no setup required. If your Smartphone to use your browser to to create an account option.

With Gmail, which automatically synchronizes your email account with your new contact list to your new smartphone, Android phone and log in to activate? Later date for any changes made to contacts on your list, the update will continue to sink.



BlackBerry desktop software to download and install on your computer for free. Computer via a USB cable to connect your BlackBerry.

Open BlackBerry Desktop Software and click on “backup and restore.” Software on your computer and your Smartphone will be back on the contacts. Both Windows and Mac versions of its software for BlackBerry offers.

Your old phone to disconnect and connect your new BlackBerry. The “use backup and restore your contacts from your computer to transfer data to your new phone.


Open your phone a virtual business card application. CelleBrite green button “Export” taps and follow the instructions to export files.

With a USB cable to connect your computer to your Smartphone. To use the phone on the USB drive is drive “to stumble.

Set your computer’s file manager to show hidden files and folders. The “temp” folder, the file “PmMigration.vcf” Luc is called an open and copy the file to your computer.

If you do not already have a Yahoo account. Mother’s Yahoo website, follow the instructions VCF contact file transfer, use the tool to import contact to yahoo.

Your new phone “HP Synergy” open application “accounts”. And “Add Account” to add a tap to let your Yahoo account. HP Synergy will add contact information on your Smartphone.

OS7 Windows Phone

Remove the battery cover back on your old phone and SIM card to see. If you are not sure what it is, the Microsoft online card (my old phone, Microsoft Resources “Import Contacts view) in an image even if your old phone card with your new Smartphone to swap the SIM card..

The “Start” on your phone, tap, “the.” In order to tap the “More”, “Settings” and “Import Sims contact the tap.” Follow the instructions on transferring your contacts.

To remove the old SIM card to your new phone you have and change the new SIM card with data transfer.

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