Vang Pheo Hamlet

Vang Pheo hamlet
Vang Pheo Apple amid in Muong So Commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province is the home of the White Thai indigenous group. With abstracted backdrop of top mountains and agrarian forests calm with accessible people, the abode attracts abounding tourists both from home and abroad.

A abeyance arch over the river to Vang Pheo Hamlet.

The apple is 30km from the centre of Lai Chau Town. It is next to Phu Nho Kho Mountain advised to be like a admirable babe and is the affair point of the two streams, Nam So and Nam Lum. In the hamlet, there are abounding age-old houses on stilts broadcast abreast blooming fields.

We collection on the albino alley that led us to the abode of ability in Vang Pheo. Here, we met some indigenous accouchement who afflicted us with their innocent faces blood-soaked with mud and their admirable smiles. Along the alley to the houses on stilts, we aswell met some White Thai indigenous women in their acceptable outfits. Their skirts are atramentous and abate breadth while their shirts with a seamless close are belt length. 

The White Thai indigenous women are actual accomplished in aberrant and adornment articles with admirable patterns of birds and dragons. Their articles are awash in markets in the hamlets.

At night, beneath the ablaze of the moon and stars, the girls in adroit dresses accomplish acceptable dances to drums and added agreeable instruments. The White Thai indigenous humans in the apple are actual hospitable. The accouchement are affable and the elders are gentle. They are consistently accommodating to allure visitors to allotment a meal with acceptable aliment like braised goby, broiled fish, bamboo sprouts, addle meat, pork and adhesive rice wine.

The apple aswell boasts abounding cultural activities and festivals, namely Nang Han Anniversary (February 15 of the lunar calendar), Then Kin Pang Anniversary (March 10 of the lunar calendar) and Kin Lau Khau Mau Anniversary (September 15 of the lunar calendar). Each anniversary has its own cultural appearance and consists of several different folk amateur like Con (coloured bolt ball) throwing, blame sticks and humming-tops.

On holidays or at weekends, visitors army to the apple to ascertain the adorableness of a peaceful abode and the simple activity of the indigenous people. Here they aswell accept a adventitious to adore admirable songs and dances performed by bounded indigenous people.

A baby river runs through the hamlet.

Traditional brocaded articles in Vang Pheo Hamlet.

Foreign tourists buy souvenirs fabricated by bounded people. 

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