Kim Kardashian–The Perfect Life

Everyone who is following the celebrity culture has heard about the Kim Kardashian cutie. This lady seems to have it all. She has the money, the fame, and the looks. She is intelligent and hard working. She seems to be lacking only in the personal aspect of her life. A person can only purchase so many toys. After a while, we all just need a hug from a real friend. Being a career woman is nice. However, a career only allows you to show your strongest moments. You are seen only at your best. What about your vulnerability? When does that emerge?

My guess is that for a lot of celebrities the vulnerability emerges at the toughest and most unexpected moments. The moments when we just want the world to go away and mind it’s own business. At these very moment the paparazzi are everywhere trying to get the perfect shot of your misery to sell to the highest paying tabloid. People should be allowed to make mistakes and to be human. Success cannot be there without a certain degree of failier. Success is not about how little we fail. It is truly about how often we success as a result of our past failiers. Many celebrities do not allow themselves to fail and to be human. It is really a shame and it brings me to tears sometimes. I used to be one of those almost perfect people too. Later in life I realized the perfection I was chasing did not exist. I started to embrace the imperfection and realized that I was much happier for it.

I remember watching an episode of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show one night. Kim Kardashian was convinced by her mother to invite a bunch of friends to her new house. Kim went crazy trying to cover up all her furniture. She was so scared to mess up her perfect little home and her perfect little life. The trouble is that her life is not perfect and her home may not be perfect either. I bet Kim Kardashian has those days when she just breaks down and falls apart. She is too proud to let people in on that side of her. There is something strong in showing weakness and admitting that we are not perfect. This is the only way personal growth is truly possible.

I also remember watching an episode of The Apprentice. An assistant of Donald Trump was making comments about the good looks of Kim Kardashian. She seemed to be very happy with all the admiration. However, I guess she would not be getting this respect if she did not look a certain way. Chances are this same assistant would spit on her if she was less than perfect. Oh the comedy of life!

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