Cam Mountain

Cam Mountain
Cam Abundance accepted as Thien Cam Son is advised a admirable cottony brocade. It is the accomplished and a lot of affected abundance in the That Son breadth in the triangle of Tinh Bien-Nha Bang-Tri Ton in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District of An Giang Province. The mural in this breadth charms like a painting that fascinates every visitor.

Phat Lon Pagoda on Cam Son Mountain.

 There are abounding anecdotes about the origins of the name of the mountain. Cam Abundance or Cam Son was the official name aboriginal accounting in “Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi” (Essays on the United Great Vietnam) which was aggregate at the end of the 19th century. The book states, “… The abundance is boundless with blooming copse and is one of the seven mountains. It is so top that few humans can ability its peak”. According to the book “Gia Dinh Thanh Thong Chi” by Trinh Hoai Duc, this mountain, alleged Doai Ton, is over 160m high, 20 afar in bore and has the appearance of a tower.

Cam Abundance has an distance of 705m and has a ambit of 28,600m. The acclimate on the abundance is afflicted by close monsoons and has an boilerplate temperature of 250C. In spring, during the day, it is air-conditioned and beginning with blooming and abundant copse but at night it is rather cold. In the aboriginal morning, the abundance is covered with a white fog. In the evening, it is covered with clouds. From the top of the mountain, visitors accept a across-the-board appearance of all-inclusive rice fields addition to the Ha Tien sea and the southwestern border. With its acclaimed backdrop the breadth has become a accepted day-tripper site. 

The abundance aswell has a alluring accustomed ambiance with flowers all year annular that actualize a “splendid painting”. It is acclaimed for abounding peaks of altered heights with altered name, such as Thien Tue, Bo Hong, Ong Buom, Dau and Ba. The name of anniversary aiguille is associated with a fable and anniversary has a meaning. Pilgrims generally appointment these peaks to pray. Along the walkways, there are added attractions, such as Phao Binh and Chu Than Peaks; Rau Tan, Cuu Pham, Kin and Cay Que Temples; Ong Ho and Thuy Tien Caves, and Muoi Co Shrine.

With admirable scenery, ample forests of blooming copse including abounding century-old copse with a all-inclusive awning of leaves, Cam Abundance has become an ideal eco-tourist site. Visitors to this breadth can adore the mural of the southwestern mountains and aftertaste altered kinds of fruit, such as mangos, jackfruits, bananas, durians, avocados and custard-apples. They aswell accept an befalling to alarm at the shops or break brief in the inns to adore the atmosphere of the aerial area. If they accept added time, they can appointment Phat Lon, Phat Nho and Trung Son Thien Tu Pagodas.

Van Linh Pagoda is anchored abreast a backwoods of acassia aneura and acacia copse accoutrement 14,400m2. In 1929, above Buddhist abbot Thich Quang Thien congenital a simple abode with leaves to advance a religious life. In 1940, this abode became Van Linh Pagoda. In 1995, the pagoda was rebuilt into a religious circuitous of a beyond scale. The a lot of absorbing appearance of this pagoda are the three building afore the foreground hall. They are 40m top and abide of nine layers, anniversary announcement a bronze of Buddha benumbed a beast. The statues, fabricated from rock taken from Thanh Hoa Province, are over 2m top and accept aerial carvings, creating a abysmal and austere feature.

A must-see allure is the 33.60m-high bronze of Mitreya, the accomplished Mitreya bronze in Southeast Asia. It is placed in a 20ha breadth of blooming trees, adverse the Phat Lon and Van Linh Pagodas. This is the better artwork and religious anatomy in the Bay Nui area. It is amazing that from any aiguille of the mountains, visitors can see the white bronze of Mitreya with a acceptable and angelic smile sitting amidst a blooming space.

Sunset over Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province apparent from Cam Son Mountain.
Cam Abundance is a crusade and day-tripper destination for humans both from home and abroad. According to An Giang Tourism, every year over 1.2 actor humans appointment this breadth and the amount of visitors is better during the bounce anniversary from January to June of the lunar calendar.

The bronze of Mitreya on Cam Son Mountain, the accomplished bronze of its affectionate in Southeast Asia.

Tourists appointment and action incence to the bronze of Mitreya.

A duke and a cord of chaplet of Mitreya.

A bronze of Sakyamuni in the axial alcove of Phat Lon Pagoda.

View of Phat Lon Pagoda on Cam Son Mountain.

A gift arrest on Cam Son Mountain.

A belfry of Van Linh Pagoda on Cam Son Mountain.

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