5 Steps to Perfect Scents Shown

5 Steps to Perfect Scents Shown – Fragrances will raise the mood is right to work and attract the opposite sex. Just follow these steps to get a perfume that best suits you.
A. Lightly spray
Apply the perfume on certain points such as the neck, wrists and behind ears. These areas which diffuses the heat release or emit scents. Do not spray too much, just one or two drops of perfume, or three to five spray eau de perfume / eau de toilette. If you apply too much, you can reduce the smell by wiping the area with a damp cloth or a little sprinkling of baby powder.

2. Aroma Younger
“You can try the fragrance of flowers such as orchids or a blend of lavender mixed with musk or perfume emanating from the wood” as expressed by Laurent Le Guernec, a senior perfumer at International Flavors and Fragrances for the soft fragrance.

Yann Vasnier, a senior at the scent of perfume house Givaudan, also said that “men mtertarik with the smell of food such as wine and vanilla.” You can try the Prada or Marc Jacobs Lola Candy. A study found that men think women who wear this fragrance six years younger than their actual age. He favored Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

3. Not Repeated
If you want to attend an event after the move out day, it’s better not to spray perfume over and over. Fragrant way to keep performing without the smell became too much is made by rubbing body lotion on the area you want. This will make the fragrance last skin and does not evaporate.

4. Aroma in the Office
If you are a career woman, probably never thinking whether it is appropriate to use the perfume in the office? as expressed by Alan Hirsch, MD, founder of the Smell-Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago. For that to work all day in the room, they will be more comfortable for baby powder scent, while the scent of green apple and cucumber will help reduce anxiety in the work.

Therefore, the choice of the right perfume for women is DKNY Be Delicious career. the fragrance with the scent of apple and cucumber. Or you could also try Demeter Baby Powder (which smells exactly like a baby’s skin).

5. Substitute Perfume
Compared to wear perfume to the entire body, you better wear body lotion from the collection of certain perfumes. In addition to smoothing the skin, the formula was made to seep into the skin so that the fragrance last longer. You could try: Burberry Body Milk, Yves Saint Laurent Body Lotion Parisienne.

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