Boat to Lombok

   It is very simple to perceive to Lombok from the neighbouring island of Bali by yacht. Many travellers indicate to obtain two or three destinations on their anniversary, prefering to experience the culture and scenery of a little cultures quite than staying in the same location. For many of the visitors to the tropical island paradise of Bali, wandering by yacht to Lombok and the Gili ilsands is the unspoiled form of enrapture.

Gili Islands

The most excellent way to travel among Bali and Lombok is using the BlueWater Express yacht from South Bali point to your destination of Gili Islands and Lombok. This express take departs from south Bali, very close to all the foremost resorts wherever largely of the tourists stay. The falter single takes two hours, and takes in nearly spectacular scenery all along the southeast coast of Bali already incoming in the Gili islands and it follows that wandering on to Lombok. The service includes inn pick-ups, and drops passengers point to the beautiful beach in Gili Trawangan, and it follows that a little minutes anon on the spectacular coast of northwest Lombok.

For travellers on a finances, at hand is furthermore the option of taking the free ferry from Padang Bai, which takes four or five hours across the Lombok Strait to the foremost harbour in Lombok, called Lembar. From Lembar, it is simple to hire enrapture to a few destination in Lombok, together with the in particular beautiful Gili Islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno.

To perceive to the Gili Islands, you requirement former travel by road up to the harbour of Bangsal or Teluk Kode, and it follows that take a free yacht from mainland Lombok to the Gili islands. The value is very inexpensive.

There are a integer of other fast yacht operators to facilitate run yacht services among Bali and Lombok. Some of them extend from South Bali ports, such as Serangan Island or Benoa Harbour, and nearly extend from the southeast harbor of Padang Bai. If you are staying in a inn or resort in south Bali, you may possibly indicate if you choose to finish more generation on the road, or more generation by yacht on the sea. To perceive from the foremost tourist resorts in South Bali, it takes only 20 minutes by road to the departure points in south Bali, or around individual and a semi hours by road up to the harbor of Padang Bai. By sea, the fast yacht to Lombok takes around two hours from south Bali, and around individual and a semi hours from Padang Bai.

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