Information About 3G And 4G Technologies

Speed is of great concern to people in the 21st century and so scientists and engineers are constantly trying to explore new ways of faster information transmission, the information being either voice or data. This effort resulted in inventions of technologies like 2G, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Broadband, T1 etc. Also, the usage of mobile phones has changed, people no longer view a cell phone as a device meant for only talking or texting and it is rather expected to provide access to internet and other application that one would find in a PC. Activities like video streaming, watching movies and playing online games on the cell phone are very popular which make companies to invest in their R & D and come with networks that can better support these demands of the consumers. This is why 3G and 4G were introduced in the mobile communications market. They were introduced only in 2010 and in fact, many countries are yet to accept them. Thus, in 3G vs 4G, which one is better, is something we will find out in due course.

What does 3G stand for?

3G is the short form for 3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunications. It is a wireless communication technology that was developed to enable faster transmission of information. It’s expected to provide consistent speed of at least 144 kb per seconds. Some of the features associated with it are live video streaming, better quality video calls, faster internet connectivity etc. It has been popular so far in most of the countries like US, Japan, China and India, and in the US, various tests have observed that it is able to deliver the kind of services that were promised by the mobile operators, when it was introduced. It was first introduced in Japan by NTT Docomo and then Verizon brought it to the US market in 2010.

What is 4G?

There is actually no official definition of 4G; few companies claim to provide faster and better network than existing ones, however officially they are just upgraded versions of 3G. Those claiming to be 4G networks will have to pass the test of time and prove that they are able to deliver what they are claiming; only then their authenticity will be verified.

3G vs 4G

It is too early to give a verdict on 3G vs 4G as they are both very new. Once we are aware of all the positives and the short comings then we will be able to compare these two.

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