The Lake of Heaven

The Lake of Heaven
Búng Bình Thiên (Binh Thien Lake), which owns the adorableness of dejected and bright baptize and the complete of tranquility, appears as a candied dream.

How phenomenon the basin of heaven is! Legend has it that over 200 years ago, a accepted of the Tay Son administration led a troop beyond this abode in the dry season. To amuse the appetite of soldiers, he prayed and again stabbed his brand into the ground, area baptize sprayed out consistently to anatomy a lake. The basin has been alleged Búng Bình Thiên, or the basin of heaven, anytime since.

No one knows why the basin is alleged búng. According to backward archeologist Vuong Hong Sen, the Khmer humans alleged a addled acreage with abounding fish, shrimps and agrarian grass “bng,” but after bounded humans arresting it abominably as “búng.”

The basin lies a part of Khanh Binh, Khanh An and Nhon Hoi communes in An Phu District, An Giang Province. The basin covers some 300 hectares in the dry division and up to 1,000 hectares in the calamity season. Despite abutting the addled alluvial Binh Di River, the baptize of Binh Thien Basin is consistently clear. The adorable basin becomes absurd and baroque in the eyes of bounded residents.

In the calamity season, tourists should appear to the upstream communes of Khanh An and Khanh Binh to contemplate the floodwater, aftertaste cá linh (Thynnichthys thynnoides) hot pot adapted with iên in (Sesbania sesban) flowers.

Standing on a baby bridge, travelers will acutely see two altered colors of water: a acutely dejected blush in the basin and the addled blush of alluvium in the adjoining Binh Di River. The basin is still in the breeze. A man on a baby baiter silently throws the backup to bolt fish. It is such a peaceful mural with baby houses there amidst the dejected sky and the bright baptize of the lake.

Riding boring forth the lake, tourists will see the circadian activity of the Cham humans who accept lived affably from bearing to generation, their appealing houses on stilts forth the path, beasts agriculture on the field, Cham girls abrasion clothes at a wharf, and some amphibian houses in the lake. The arena looks like a painting of a accomplished artist.

Búng Bình Thiên is arguably the better freshwater basin in the Mekong Delta, bartering baptize for An Phu District and the surrounding areas. It is aswell home to abounding breed of freshwater fish.

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