Best Time to Travel to Japan

March- May (Spring).  Since between these months, Japan is on spring season, many flower- related festivals are held in most of the country’s corners. It is in this period when the Ume or known as Asian plums blossoms are fully visible and best viewed. Ume plums, considered by the Japanese to be beautiful garden ornaments can be seen in Japanese shrines, temples, castles, theme parks and more. They celebrate Plum Blossoms Festival in these months to honor the country’s abundance of ume plum blossoms particularly, white and pink. Another best activity to be done in this period is the Cherry Blossom Viewing. Generally, the Japanese schools have their spring break season in early March before their school year starts in early April. Tourist attractions and transportations get fully busy this time because of Hanami, a very important Japanese custom. It is celebrated all throughout Japan in spring. Literally, Hanami means flower viewing, but the celebration, in general indicates cherry blossom viewing. It was said that Hanami’s origin was dated back a thousand years ago when the nobles are inspired in writing haikus by viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms.

June- August (Summer). This is the period when the rainy season normally begins. It enters the country in early May particularly in Okinawa. Other regions experience it from the early weeks of June throughout the end of July. Though July and August could be humid and hot in some parts of Japan, summer is complete with its many events and is considered to be the liveliest among all other seasons. Many foreigners and local citizens travel and take vacations during this time to visit their hometowns and other prominent landmarks.

September- November (Fall).  This is the period when Japan is dominated by yellow, red and orange leaves. It is the season for foliage which begins in early October through early weeks of December.  Lots of autumn festivals such as the Thousand Warriors Procession are celebrated.  This is also the period when the mikoshis enshrine Ieyasu in Tokugawa at the Tosho- gu in Nikko. Active participants bring the mikoshi during the fall matsuri of the shrine.

December- February (Winter). The country is illuminated with various colorful festivals and accented with colorful holidays. It can mostly be observed from November across Japan. Although they don’t consider Christmas as a national holiday but they still manage to have their own unique style of celebrating it. One of their most important holidays during this period is the New Year’s holidays. This is the time when the travel season in winter is at its busiest. The transportation centers are also very crowded in the later months of December as the Japanese people are busy preparing for the New Year’s holidays.

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