The Tips of Choosing The Flattering Women's Winter Coat

As the weather begins to get colder, it’s important to start thinking about shopping for the perfect women’s coat to bundle up in. A winter coat is essential if you live in a cold climate. Your winter coat is going to be one of your bigger clothing purchases and one of most used items in your closet during the winter, so you should enjoy wearing it. If your outerwear is right for your life and for your shape, you will look your best, no matter the occasion.

Which coat is right for your life and your style?

1.                               Consider where you want to wear your winter coat most often.

You may want something that is going to fit your daily activities. If every day of your week includes dressing up and going into an office, you would be better off with a classic tailored wool coat. If your day involves taxiing your kids to music lessons and sports practices, then you may prefer a sporty parka. Or, you may be shopping for a weekend coat. If that means going to the theatre in the city, you’ll want a long coat with pretty details. If the weekend means tailgate parties, you’ll want something that can stand up to the elements, like amoncler down coat.

2.                               Think about how your coat will fit into your wardrobe.

You’ll be layering your coat over all of your other clothes, so you’ll want the styles to mesh. If your look leans toward preppy, a leather motorcycle jacket might not look quite right, but a lined trench coat may be perfect.

Which coat will be most flattering on your body type?

Finding the right size is important, and most coats can be tailored a bit. You can usually have the hem shortened, the sleeves shortened or let down a bit and possibly even have darts added. But finding outerwear that is flattering is about more than just size; you will want to start with a shape that works for your figure.

1.                               If you would like your coat to help you feel taller, try a women’s coat that hits no lower than an inch above your knee to elongate your leg line.

2.                               If you need a little help creating curves, try a belted coat. Belts will cinch in the waist, creating a feminine hourglass shape.

3.                               If you’re worried about looking top-heavy, consider a single-breasted coat.

4.                               If you’re worried about looking bottom-heavy, try an A-line coat.

5.                               If you have broad shoulders or a large bust, look for a coat with a V-neck.

When you want to find the perfect women’s winter coat at a discount price, look no further than, where you can find the right coat for your life and your style without spending a lot of money.

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