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Have you ever wondered why we don’t have as much snow at Christmas as we did in the past? It’s because of global warming.

Global warming is caused by a type of dangerous gas emission or co2 emissions to be exact. These emissions consist of greenhouse gasses and are mainly created by the burning of fossil fuels, which include the gasoline motors in cars or boats.

We have been trying to limit co2 emissions and greenhouse gasses in a variety of ways such as restrictions on the burning of fossil fuels and contests such as the “one tonne challenge” where we try to reduce dangerous emissions by one tonne per person per year.

Even though we try to reduce emissions we are not doing enough. These emissions are having a negative impact on our environment and in turn on our health. The biggest impact is global warming. This means that our earth is warming up. What will this cause? There are many theories as to what will happen. I’m sure you all know this one: The earth warms up and the polar ice caps melt, causing our coastal cities to flood.

Some scientists disagree. This is a quote from one of the secretaries from Environment Ontario: “Global warming will not create enough heat to melt the ice caps”. She also said that: “The oceans are currently rising due to them expanding, not due to the ice caps melting!”

Is her theory right or wrong? Will our coastal cities flood? This secretary from Environment Ontario is not alone and has the opinion of many other people on her side.

Even if the ice caps DON’T melt, we will still have other problems such as extreme smog and that leads to health problems such as asthma and lung cancer. Did you know that breathing in smog is almost as bad as smoking cigarettes? Smog is basically dirty air.

Our beautiful earth is being destroyed. Global warming has started taking its toll. Humans cause only 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. The rest all comes from natural sources (mostly water vapor) That 2% is growing at a rapid rate and is having a significant impact of accelerating global warming.

Other symptoms of global warming are: The earth’s ozone layer is being destroyed. The suns UV rays can cause extreme sunburn and skin cancer extreme heat can cause many other health problems. It is even said that vegetation will take over and be unstoppable. Smog and pollution are one of the bigger threats as they can damage our breathing and cause lung cancer.

So, even though we probably won’t flood, global warming will still take its toll on our heath and the environment. Remember, if you want to help. Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. I think that if we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about our earth, we will leave behind a much healthier place for our future generations to enjoy.

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