The Waterfalls is a Lake of Crystalline Beauty

This devil was a man -eater; he used to capture people from the neighborhood and take them away to Tibet where he would kill and eat them. Therefore the Gods kansi-thing, kom-yo-thing and Saktsum-thing got together to find a way to destroy this demon.

`They tried to find a man who was capable, but they could not do so. They then went to the caterpillar, pi-sik-bu, who gnaws trees so that they become hollow and fallow fall down, and they told him to go and cut down the trees in that place. The caterpillar agreed and hollowed the tree on the rock where the demon lived so that it fell down. Now the demon had nowhere to stat and so wandered about. Then the three gods sent for Run-nam (a mythological hero) to kill the demon.’
The story goes on that demon went from place to place (each named after an ancient in the myth0. Run-nam chased him and eventually overtook him at Lasso-tsong-nyong, in the Teesta valley to the west, and there killed him and scattered his flesh over the land. From this scattered flesh arose leeches and mosquitoes, and the small predatory bird kar-hufo. His bones turned into stone, and at the place where he was slain, there is a huge rock can be seen to this day. The myth also explains Sikkim’s summer nuisance of leeches.

If you are a trekker, or a painter, or a photographer, trek up on a chilly moonlit night to the top of Lukshyama, the hill overlooking Gangtok. The mother -of -pearl citadel of the magic mountain will beckon you to linger on in your sleeping bag (fortified with Sikkim rum) till the five treasure-houses across the mist-filled blue of the valley turn to palest gold.

As you stand bt the Lachung forest dark bungalow, set in an apple orchard, and look up at the incredibly vertical cliff rising dramatically nearly a thousand meters above the valley, a curious hallucination takes possession of you. A cloud floats high in the blue sky and the whole cliff, nearly bisected by a a roaring waterfall, seems to swing down towards you. above the waterfalls is a lake of crystalline beauty.

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