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I finally did. It was my dream since 2008 to visit the country for many reasons. And as you go along on this page, you will see, what were the reasons. This was the beginning of June, when I left Dhaka for Istanbul.

As soon as I arrived at the airport in Istanbul from dhaka(bangladesh), I felt the sensation, tremors in my first look at the first of a mosque Minar I saw. All “Mosques in Istanbul looks exactly the same. All are following the example of Ottoman architecture. Almost every mosque has two minarets and the body contains a huge dome. When I saw the first Minar at a time when I was in the pages of History was and is surrounded by a sense of nostalgia that covers everything. The good old days of the Caliphate was so alive before my eyes subconscious.

The Immigration Service to Ataturk International Airport very surprising to me and waited. To look differently than the immigration authorities of Bangladesh only at the passport of mine and say, “Right of Bangladesh?” And he gave a stamp on the visa and allows me to reach. I’ve never been to Europe before, but I can bet that it’s not easy, in almost all European countries, Southeast Asia to be a Muslim to me. Since the takeover of power by the ruling Justice and Development in Turkey, one of the great things about Turkey’s overtures, the relationship with the world. And now, Turkey has visa-free entry for approximately thirty countries. Apart from the airport to our friend Murat expected with the flag of our program. Take some other friends of the program on the minibus to the hotel in Laleli.

Istanbul is a very clean city. I asked some friends in the European program of their city and say that Istanbul is only a few cities in Europe when it comes to cleaning. The city streets are often surrounded by parks and open as the evening approaches the family, that many come here for family time. I saw the majority of cases, which are held by the Bar Bq. With Bar Bq are some special foods I should say. Turkish Adana Kebab is very famous and special. Shish kebab Since our Shik Kabab have. There are many other things, and I do not want my readers so uncomfortable that he / she can not read further. I have just the food and said that called into our Polao pilao Trukey.

In the first part of our program, we went to a place called Kazlicesme to attend the “meet the man of a million.” It is a place on the coast of the Marmara Sea. It’s just a remarkable place and time was fantastic. There I saw the enthusiasm of the people of its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey. Everyone regardless of age, gender, or cultural or ethnic sang the theme for him. I found great group of volunteers, the distribution of water and sandwiches, millions of people.

We used to live in the European part of Istanbul. This section contains the most historic places in the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the West or the Topkapi Palace are on the European side. It is therefore not surprising that the EU is so popular with tourists. Sites in Istanbul, tourism in most western countries, you feel like you are in Europe. The Asian part is mainly industrial and commercial buildings. Whether you’re on the European market or on the Asian side of the thing that overwhelms me is the number of mosques in the city. I’ve tried many times and I concluded that it is almost impossible not to be able to get rid of vision of at least one mosque Minar. Masjid is everywhere and is very much alive to notice.

We visited the area of ​​Istanbul. There are some differences of bits in the culture and way of life in different districts of Istanbul. Districts of Istanbul were developed almost the same areas as the capital of Istanbul. Areas such as Beşiktaş are more westernized. City life is faster than other areas. People of this type of area is less devoted to worship like Fatih Sultan Ahmet Mosque, where the lies.

Turkey is increasing. It is economically, politically, militarily and university. The economic strength has increased per capita income and the decline in inflation has made life easier. Recently, Turkey has become a regional power and an important player in the geo strategic decision making. I saw the fervor and zeal of the people on the streets of Istanbul for the oppressed people of Palestine. I went to the office of the NGO volunteers Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH), which sent the first fleet of Palestine, and several of its members was martyred by the occupying power, Israel to death. I spoke with officials and NGOs about their activities come to know the details of his work in Bangladesh. The people of Istanbul and Turkey as a whole have a deep love and sympathy for Palestine. It is clear and obvious.

I forgot to say in the Topkapi Palace. It is a place where you look at the past, present and future simultaneously. In fact, I’ve lost in deep contemplation, when he was visiting. In addition to furniture and elements of the Sultans, “there are real treasures. There is a turban of the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him). Were you surprised or what? And it is the combination of the famous prophet Moses (peace be upon him). It are some essential elements of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that his plate is used to make food. There are swords of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Swords “by Khulafaye Rashida. There are also signs of Fatima (ra) and Ali (Ra). There are plenty of reasons to go to lost in Topkapi.

I saw the elections in Turkey. Is a holiday in Istanbul, but quieter than the Dhaka. All streets are painted under the banner of the various parties and buses and mini-micro and flags of the party are always on patrol, to make propaganda. Election day saw no particular provision of security and the vote without any special attention, passed on to excess. In the evening I saw the results at the headquarters of the AKP. If the results of victory began to come, then the explosion of the complex to the celebration. Flags were everywhere and the music was so alive. Everyone sang and danced. Started in the streets of the car. Cars honked and queue with some sort of bit or harmony. The party was fabulous.

After two weeks in Istanbul, Dhaka, was when I made sure I had with me a certain part of Istanbul. Be part I and part of the heritage, a part of the Ottoman Caliphate. When I see photos or videos of Istanbul, or if I get is in contact with my friends on Facebook Back in Istanbul very often that I feel a deep chill. For a moment I lose myself. The pages of history back to my head and through the window of the future, I expect another episode of Turkey, which has not been written, but it is already regarded by many as “the famous New Ottomans”

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